Google Ads Tutorial 2020: Learn How to Create a Google Ads Campaign With This Step By Step Guide Teaching You Everything You Need to Know.

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1. Campaign Settings ►►
2. Keyword Research ►►
3. Ad Group Structure ►►
4. Creating Ads ►►
5. Conversion Tracking ►►
6. Ad Extensions ►►
7. Responsive Search Ads ►►
8. Negative Keywords ►►
9. Device Targeting ►►
10. Demographic Targeting ►►

👉 Account Set Up Video ►►
👉 Expanded Text Ads & Extensions Sheet ►►
👉 Responsive Search Ads Sheet ►►
👉 Negative Keyword Resource ►► 👇


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    7 replies to "Google Ads Tutorial 2020 – How to Create a Google Ads Campaign Like a Pro – Step By Step"

    • Golden State Drone Services

      This is no doubt the best, most concise video on AdWords set up I have seen on YouTube! Well done!

    • Cristina Grigore

      Any full course please?

    • Ryan McCain

      Thank you, brother. I am getting up to speed on the new Ads (not Adsense) facelift. This was great! One minor suggestion. Increase the font a bit for us older people. 🙂

      A couple questions.

      1) What are your thoughts on audiences?

      2) How do you have time to monitor all of those ad groups for low performance?

    • afek shusterman

      amazing video! loved it! thank you Philip

    • Sunny Chaitanya

      Great job !! Try to make a video on complete optimization which involves excel work & real time scenarios. That would be helpful for lot of people

    • Ash Bolton

      Philip what a tremendous tutorial, A++ Well done

    • Marinos Palamaris

      Great video,bravo…keeping the good work!!!!

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