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In this tutorial, I will explain how to setup a basic Pay Per Call Marketing campaign on Google Adwords (Google Ads) for 2020.

For the PPC pro’s who have seen my videos in the past, you can check out the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) section for the latest update.

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We will cover:
1) All Topics Covered (0:31)
2) Is Pay Per Call Marketing still viable in 2020? (1:47)
3) Creating an Account & Setting it up for Expert Mode (2:57)
4) Setting Up Your Campaign (4:04)
5) Audiences Overview (6:31)
6) Designing Keywords (Broad Match Modifier) (10:46)
7) Designing Ads (Keyword Insertion) (12:04)
8) Phone Verification Page (13:50)
9) Call Conversion Tracking (15:47)
10) Interactive Voice Response (New) (17:36)
11) Search Queries Overview (21:09)
12) Negative Keywords Overview (21:36)
13) Performance Overview & Conversion Metrics (22:15)



    9 replies to "Google Adwords Tutorial 2020 | Pay Per Call Marketing For Beginners"

    • Sam Lozano

      do you create the call only ad with or without url

    • Sam Lozano

      how much are you paying per call?

    • John Kline

      So if the Network does not have an IVR in place where do we get our own IVR?

    • Marinos Palamaris

      Hi Leonidas 🙂 Great video and the info providing..I'm really interested to start offering such a service in Greece BUT I'm not familiar about what vertical to go after, what is the best structure in order to provide high quality leads…I kindly question you if you have any suggestions for video tutorials or course…Thank you in advance!

    • Jovan Kekich

      Hello, would you recommend using PPC for real estate leads? Thank you

    • Luqman Khokhar

      @PPCBasics which IVR software are you using? Could you share with us?

    • Paul Sokol

      Solid breakdown Leo! I'm comfortable with Google Ads, but am doing my first call-in ads and this was super helpful to validate I wasn't missing anything 🙂

    • Jide Obiechefu

      So your saying that working with networks isn't viable anymore? Like Ringpartner or Astoria for example.

    • Trung Vu

      are you using a 3rd party tracker like Voluum to track the campaign or just Google's? If you're not is because Google will flag you with the tracker's redirects?

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