Join us as we dive into Call only ads on Google and Talk about strategies and setup. Feel free to ask questions at the end.

In this presentation we discuss pay per call and Google call only ad strategies and tactics to set up your own paid cal only ad cmapaigns.

This is a great in depth tutorial feel free to ask any questions in the commments related to pay per call.

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    7 replies to "Google Call Only Ads Tutorial – Strategy & Setup"


      How are you?
      If phrase match is not getting impressions then can we use modified broad match is it work?

    • Tahir Hussain

      can we setup remarketing for call only ads if yes then how

    • Tahir Hussain

      good work plz keep on

    • Tahir Hussain

      who is that guy who is teaching

    • Taranpreet Singh

      Hello i guess your website is not working showing dns error

    • Erdit Myrta

      Hello, I have run an affiliate offer with google ads but Google has closed my account as suspicious ad. I don't even ñow where was the problem as I've done correctly all the things.
      Can any one tell me if it's possible I can take back my account.
      I appreciate if anyone help me with this issue.

    • Positive Vibes

      Joey,do maxbounty offers convert ?I'm running an offer on Facebook ads,and nothing.Its about collecting life points,where could I be wron

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