Beginners tutorial on installing Google Tag Manager on your website to add various tracking scripts/pixels for analytics, retargeting, and more

If hearing the words ’tracking code’ installation gets you anxious, have no fear…

In this Google Tag Manager (GTM) installation tutorial, I’ll walk you through a step by step setup and install of Google Tag Manager onto your website, which makes the installation of tracking codes for remarketing, analytics, etc. real easy

We’ll also discuss how you can safe-guard yourself against possible code installation errors by using my ‘cover your butt’ method, for any time you make major changes to your website code

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(Jump to specific parts of this video):
0:38 What is Google Tag Manager?
1:55 Adding a ‘new account’ & setup a new ‘Container’ in Google Tag Manager
5:27 Different methods for getting the GTM code on your website
6:27 Do not ‘double install’ tracking codes
7:24 Putting the GTM code into the ‘head’ section
9:04 Be safe – back up your website before making code installs
11:10 Protect yourself with my ‘cover your butt’ method
13:56 Putting the GTM code into the ‘body’ section


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DuracellTomi plugin install :

Installing the Google Tag Manager Code using the DuracellTomi WordPress Plugin :

Back up your website :

Verify that your GTM code is Working Properly with Tag Assistant:




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    4 replies to "Google Tag Manager Install For Beginners | Avoid Possible Installation Problems"

    • Tru Lift Digital Marketing

      Hey guys,
      Hope you like this video. Inside the video I reference an upcoming video to Verify That Google Tag Manager Was Properly Installed. I expect to have that video edited and public by April 11th. Enjoy!

    • Paul Alberto

      So you dont recommend installing both analytics and google tags??? I alrady have installed analytics in the head section… if I install tag manager will affect my website?

    • The Pews Foundation

      Nobody else has a better explanation. Thank you. You should be a Lynda instructor?

    • Simon Douchka

      Thank you so mutch for this, finally an updated and easy-to-understand video on how to install the tag manager! Fells like I've been searching for ages after this video! AWESOME!

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