Enjoy the power of WordPress and Tag Manager without the headache of html or WP backend. Follow this code free tutorial to get Tag Manager running on a WordPress Site.
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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Create Account
1:36 – Tag Manager Code
3:53 – WordPress Install
4:51 – Page Builder Install
5:53 – Google Tag Assistant
8:36 – Outro

Google Tag Manager WordPress Tutorial: Coding Free Guide!

Want to add Google Tag Manager to your WordPress website?

In this google tag manager wordpress tutorial video your going to learn how to properly install Google Tag Manager on to your wordpress site without using an extra plug-in and make sure it’s on EVERY page of your site.

And after you complete this google tag manager wordpress tutorial check out the links in the description to a full Tag Manager course for setting up your conversion tracking and Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager has a ton of benefits for WordPress sites. I will teach you Google Tag Manager WordPress tutorial can help you add and manage all the various scripts you use on your site.

If you find yourself often adding various scripts to your WordPress site, Google Tag Manager is going to be a lot more convenient for you. And once you get the hang of it, you can even start using it to collect more actionable data to inform your marketing efforts.

Make sure to watch this google tag manager tutorial for beginners because In this google tag manager tutorial wordpress plugin, I’ll show you step-by-step how to install Google Tag Manager on your WordPress site without coding, including where to add the code.

Then, I’ll give you a quick guide for how you can publish your first tag and make sure it’s working. So make sure to dive in to this wordpress google tag manager.

This Google Tag Manager installation to WordPress tutorial for beginners will walk you through setting up tag manager V2 and adding your analytics tracking tag to it. In this shortGoogle Tag Manager WordPress tutorial video you’ll learn how to setup a Google Tag Manager account to your WordPress website, where to put the code on your site, how to check to make sure it works, and some basic codes you should have on your site.

Once you’ve added the code snippets to your site, you can go back to the Google Tag Manager interface and create your first tag. A “tag” is basically a specific script that you want to insert into your site with Google Tag Manager.

To get started in knowing how to install google tag manager in your wordpress website, create a New Tag in your Google Tag Manager dashboard: By clicking on Tag Configuration, you can choose what type of tag to create. Google includes all kinds of pre-built options for stuff like Google Analytics, Google Optimize, and lots of third-party services.

To learn more about Google Tag Manager and how you can install it to WordPress, watch this Google Tag Manager WordPress tutorial video about how to install google tag manager and subscribe to my channel!
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    • Jason Whaling

      Running into trouble? Comment below with your Tag Manager install questions.

    • SolidWorksTutorials With Ryan

      Hey Jason, thank you very much for your informative videos. I am usual around here. In pursuit of Thrive plugin (which I didn find) I came across MonsterInsight. Do you know if this is a good investment to get its pro? do you know it? I don know where to paste the code from analytics to my website. Any help is appreciated.

    • James Gunn

      Hi Jason, I'm finding your google Analytics videos very useful. You touched on one problem I am having – there is more than one place where scripts can be added to a WordPress site whether in themes or plugins (eg SEO plugins Yoast SEO or AIOSEO, Conversion plugins or straightforward header /footer plugins. Do you know a quick way of tracking down where scripts have been entered so that they can be deleted ? Also which script gets used if you enter it , for argument's sake from two plugins and a theme (three places) or do you just get triple the results ?
      Keep up the good work

    • Mario Diaz

      It's a shame that Elementor page builder lacks of a place where to insert code from Google Tag Manager or others. Thank you

    • Latesh Bayad - Punit

      At 7:40 you said you blocked yourself. How could we too block ourselves from getting counted in gtm tracking?

    • Andrew Randall

      Excellent – clearly and concisely explained – many thanks

    • Boun Vilailath

      Video release is the right timing for me! Thanks for your wisdom!!! Also, are you familiar with AdEspresso? It looks useful to me.

    • Ecom Gladiator

      Thanks Jason. Great Topic!! Love to try it

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