The Help Desk ticket system helps you submit and track any issues or requests you might have while using GoSignMeUp.

The Help Desk system is how all questions and problems are processed at GoSignMeUp. You should always submit your questions or problems with a ticket, rather than email, so it can be correctly tracked and processed.

To submit a help ticket, first click the Help button found at the top right of any page in the Administrator menu. This will take you to the Help Guide. Here you can also first research a solution to your problem or question by browsing the categories or using the search feature.

If you can not find a solution on your own, click the Submit a Help Ticket button found on the Help Guide home page.

If you have a GoSignMeUp help-desk account click Log In in the top-right corner. You do not need to have a Help-Desk account, but it is useful to track and process your ticket. To create an account click the sign-up link. You do not need an account to submit a ticket, but if you do you can view a history of your tickets all in one place.

To submit a new help ticket – simply fill out the Submit a request form with your email address, Subject and Description. Please be as specific as possible in the description area when describing your question or problem – include links to the actual pages if possible as well as any screen shots using the Attach file feature. Don’t be shy – fill out as much information as you can!

Set the Priority of your issue, then hit the Submit button.

From here the ticket will go in to the GoSignMeUp Help Desk ticket system. From here you will be updated on the status of your ticket when it is assigned to one of our customer service specialists.

The Help Desk ticket system is the best way to resolve any questions and problems you might have with GoSignMeUp.

If you need assistance, be sure to email GoSignMeUp Support at!

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