Choosing your niche is tough. This video will reveal some examples of brilliant niche sites that will help you understand what makes a great niche site for your online business!

Whether you are going to do affiliate marketing, start a membership site, sell online courses or do coaching, you need to choose a niche so you can FOCUS!

This video will reveal the secrets to choosing a niche you will love and that will create a lucrative online business for you…

Plus we will look at 13 affiliate marketing niche sites that are crushing it so you can get some ideas about how this works out for others.

For more about how to choose your niche, watch the videos in this playlist, too:

    16 replies to "Help Choosing Your Niche – 13 Highly Profitable Niche Sites Revealed, Explained & Reviewed"

    • Andriy Stronks

      hey miles nice vid, i was thinking when you start should you choose a already existing niche with big competion?

    • Lakshmi Gudimani

      Thanks Miles. I had over 3 ideas, ranging from organic beauty product reviews, keto diet for wellness, and creative writing. This video helped me to decide my niche.

    • Phillip Maser

      Very nice work! Tried to build a Niche Site. No Traffic. Not enough videos and blogs, yet

    • David D

      Thanks for the AMAZING info!! You gave value alright! Much appreciated!

    • Blaz Kamler

      Hello, based on the information from “Choosing Your Niche For Your Online Business Part 2” video, I intend to go into boating niche and I have gone to the deepest subcategory on Amazon best selling eBooks for this niche to verify that it would work, but despite that, I feel like it might be too broad, so could you tell me in your opinion, if I would have to add something to it to be more targeted?

    • Riyan Dreams

      Why I'm not good at anything ?

    • Bassam Daoud

      i like this guy, he is transparent and gives credit where credit is due. keep' em coming

    • Jonathan Roeby

      Miles your channel is like a one stop searching, meaning you cover your topics well.

    • Denis Dronov

      Thank you Miles! Super valuable content!

    • David Behrens

      Dude you have so much content to indulge I love it.

      Brainstorming ideas for a niche around helping fellow veterans help change their mindset to get out of their PSTD or at least combat it.

      I feel like it is a very broad idea and wanted to see if anyone had ideas to help narrow it down to the point where I can provide free content on the regular as well as offer some type of webinar or course as well. Let me know, tanks so much!

    • Feral Wave

      Miles, truly appreciate your work! Do you have a WordPress responsive theme you recommend for affiliate marketing or for monetizing? For a total beginner who is looking for a niche?

    • Laughter oludu

      Great stuff Mike, i really appreciate it. I need you to give me some ideals. I have a blog on which i write article on how to people can sell their skills and how they can make money online, I don't know if you can give me any idea of affiliate product that i can promote on my blog. Thanks.

    • Daniel Connolly

      great video miles ….. people just dont get the 10 year time frame . its so fk true !

    • dazurit

      Thank you for the work you do!

    • Stefan Lundberg

      Thank you for a great video Miles Beckler. Just found you today. My family have a small flower shop located in a small city. What can I do to go more online with this shop? We have the local market but want to expand, but here are no more people/customers:) So we are looking to the internett, but I cant find the key:) Thanks again, keep on.

    • RavenSkyDaisy

      ?Fire review content Miles. This will save a lot of headaches of the do's and dont's for web UI/UX designs??

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