How to put WordPress into Maintenance Mode to stop visitors viewing it while you work on it.

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    22 replies to "Hide Your WordPress site Until It's Ready (Maintenance Mode)"

    • Sammy Jo

      I work now on trough cpanel first time and i install wordpress app in cpanel i was trying to put theme and i dont know whatvi press cause i am first time wirh cpanel its automaticly made publish on main page i dont know how to remove it.can someone help?

    • Candace Gani

      Whoop whoop i found it Thank you for an awesome tutorial I would not have known this feature existed. Thanks for sharing some light!!!!

    • Candace Gani

      Thank you for the amazing video!! I just have one minor challenge the maintenance page comes up with a dashboard link at the bottom and Im not sure how to get rid of that please assist

    • G A

      Thanks a lot! You should do an updated version on this there isn’t a lot of videos on this surprisingly 🙂

    • Lillsportdraken

      yeah so this does not work at all? I do as you did, and when i have logged out and go to visit the page it looks nice and quiet but as soon as i refresh the page its back to show my work in progress. Also on other devices it doesnt even show the maintinance page at all it just shows the actual website. Ill respond to this comment if i find a solution


      Hello, great video. You made it look really easy. I have a very dumb question and I am pretty sure the answer is yes but I want to ask it anyways because I have never done this before.
      Can I assume that when I put it in maintenance mode, customers will naturally not be able to make purchases since the website is down? I would do this when I am out sick, on vacation or something.

    • Joan Troneus

      Thank you for sharing very helpful

    • Stacy DCG

      Did this yesterday, awesome advice.

    • Felmore Flores

      thanks! 2020

    • H.Volschenk

      Straight forward and easy! thank you


      WOW wonderful. Thanks.

    • Anita Alexus Okocha

      Thank you so much, it worked well. Good easy explanation. Well, appreciated.

    • Noel Heraty

      Thank you. Worked great.

    • Muscleworks Therapy

      Thank you 🙂

    • Adam Ooi Photography

      Thank you so much, still working and relevant!

    • Wideolink

      Amazing ! Thanks a lot !

    • Customer Service

      I put it in maintenance mode and now when I try to log in as admin, it locked me out 🙁 any ideas?

    • Svitlana Kotelnikova

      Thank you, your video was very helpful.

    • Syuhada Zaki

      Thank you for sharing. It works for me but I couldn't get into the admin page back. Hope there's a way I can overcome this.

    • mihary rakotoniarivo

      Thanks a lot for the video. It helped me a lot in 2020

    • dean smith

      It only works when your not signed into wordpress but when you are signed in anyone can see the incomplete site. Has anyone got any ides how to overcome that?

    • Steve Kobb

      Just what I was looking for. Many thanks.

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