After 2 years of being propnet of WordPress I’m starting to think it’s time to go back to a SAAS solution for our funnels. Part of being a entrepreneur is being able to admit when you’re wrong and move forward with the knowledge the failure will make your business stronger…. even if it stinks how much time was lost ?
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How I wasted $2000 fixing WordPress | Aspire 149

In this video, I talk about the problems we are encountering with our sales funnels made up from WordPress. Learn why we are considering going back to SAAS solutions such as clickFunnels and Kajabi for our funnels.

As you watch this video until the end, you will learn the best decision to make with your sales funnel software depending on where you are currently right now in your business. You will learn if Duct Tape Sales Funnel or the use of ClickFunnels fits your business.

Life of an entrepreneur is not easy but fun. Right now, I’m trying out a productivity technique challenging myself to wake up at 4:30 everyday to get more done.

Now due to the problems we are encountering with WordPress, we are getting back on ground zero with our sales funnels. What we thought are saving us money is actually costing us more — when we realize that our setup with WordPress is taking too much of our time which could have been spent on other parts of our business.

What’s the best sales funnel software between WordPress and clickfunnels?

Learn how you can make the best decision choosing between WordPress hosted sales funnels or choosing SAAS solutions such as clickfunnels and Kajabi for your funnels. Both options have their own pros and cons so make sure to stay tune until the end of this video so you can choose what fits you best.

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    7 replies to "How I wasted $2000 fixing WordPress | Aspire 149"


      What about Getresponse and their new autofunnel system???

    • Idarious Osborn

      What kind of computer is that???

    • Dennis Abad

      are you really going back to CF? i'm trying to understand what your business really is and why it sounds complicated to have a marketing stack on.

    • Michael Gorman

      Clickfunnels is crap, it is a hype driven web page builder that costs a bomb and the culture is just ugly. Just because you don't understand how to use WordPress, and you chose OptimizePress does not mean WordPress sucks. If you select the right choices with WordPress you can build anything. I am seeing a lot of folks from your generation throwing tantrums because they do not have the tech chops to be independent. Saas is just a 3rd party, you are returning to depending on middlemen all over again. Keep it simple, a beautiful simple theme and one page builder, using decent hosting (AWS NOT Siteground) and you leave Clickfunnels way behind.

    • Thomas Garetz

      Ya man, I definitely wish I never started WordPress In the first place ?? I like ClickFunnels so much more ??

    • John Pritchard

      Or maybe you are making poor decisions on which tools to use. I could have told you member mouse would be a disaster, heck ask around and anyone could have told you that. Also Thrive Apprentice is another bad move, Thrive has only shown commitment to 1 of their products, the builder. All their other products get neglected and forgotten. It's better to use tools from developers where that 1 thing is their main focus.

      I think this is more a story of using the wrong tools and dealing with the repercussions of it.

      LeanDash would be $159 per year, it's trusted by universities and governments, it's the right tool for the job. It looks just like teachable when people go through your courses. It will protect the courses and you can sell courses/access with it. Thrive Apprentice, is new, not proven, sold by a company that doesn't have expertise with this sort of thing, it's a mickey mouse job. No content protection, you can't sell courses with it.

    • Scott DeSalvo

      Standardizing your business on word press plus thrive themes is a good idea. How much of your frustration would you say comes from Upwork developers who overpromise and under deliver?

      I am currently having my website re-built under thrive architect from Divi 3 because thrive offers amazing marketing integration. So I am a fan of thrive themes.

      In software as a service systems, you are locked into a system that somebody else owns. Clickfunnels could close as a business. It could triple its price. It could change its pricing structure to increase your costs. It could change its layout software. Your site and ability to make money is living on someone else’s server.

      Start up costs for a new business are always difficult but WordPress plus thrive themes seems to me to be a much better decision than kajabi or click funnels. In my opinion, both are overpriced with lots of problems.

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