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If you’re building sales funnels and landing pages in WordPress, for yourself or your clients, Elementor is a bit of a dream come true.

Super easy to create conversion-focused landing pages, drag-n-drop, directly there in WordPress.

Course if you’re serious about the performance of your landing pages and want to squeeze the most conversions possible – which you do – then you need to be split testing those landing pages.

There’s a new free split testing plugin for Elementor – literally just been released. You can run and manage split tests directly in Elementor, right there in your WordPress admin panel.

It’s called Split Test for Elementor, by Rocket Elements. And in this video, I’ll be taking it for a run out and seeing how it can help you split test landing pages directly in WordPress, without the need for a separate service.

    13 replies to "How to A/B Split Test Landing Pages with Elementor"

    • Dave Foy—Design Build Web

      Already since this video, the developers have added the ability to test individual widgets, plus to be able to pick your conversion tracking page from a dropdown. Probably even more by the time you see this comment.

    • JaysonR0


    • Raghav K

      How to split test 2 entirely different landing page? Like landingpage 1 vs landingpage 2

    • UP-timism Trendyproductsjazzmusic

      Thanks a couple of iterations before I figured it out. But your explanation is the best for this.

    • Logan Brown

      You had me at "Divi is a mess"

    • Ed Ferrigan

      Well done. Thank you Dave.

    • Jim Mears

      Hey guys. The Split Test For Elementor
      By Rocket Elements is not kept up to date and it screwed up my site by scrambling all urls. The effect was any attempt to go to any url on my site got a blank page because the url was scrambled. Spent hours befor I found this culprit.

    • Thomas

      First time I listened to you. I clicked subscribe. You're an excellent teacher. Easy to understand thorough and informative. Thank you for teaching me this.

    • Marcus Nyberg

      Great video and description on how to use the split test plugin! Impressed!

    • Sagi Waldman

      seems like there are no updates from this plugin anymore. is it dead?

    • Alin Adam

      is it possible to make a/b test with two pages instead of sections?

    • Arvin Media

      Thanks man. We recently switched to Elementor (actually forced to switch due to Jupiter X) and this is what I was exactly looking for!

    • kyle sweezey

      Everyone still running this plugin? I bought it a week and half ago, used it for 2-3 days and now its left me with all my tests showing both variations on my pages and menu links gone etc,.. seems it went to dust after one of the more recent Elementor Pro updates? pls let me know, thx

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