Your website should reflect everything a yoga studio represents; serenity, peace and relaxation. While our design team was designing the free Yoga Layout Pack for Divi, these were the exact things they kept in mind.

And to help you take your yoga studio website a little bit further, we’re going to show you how to add memberships to your website. Concretely, that means we’ll show you how to use the Paid Member Subscription plugin and how to add the registration form to a separate page on your website. The style of this page, and of the form, will be completely in line with the style of the rest of your website.

Get the Free Yoga Layout Pack:

Download a Free & Inspiring Yoga Layout Pack for Divi

If you don’t have Divi yet, you can learn more about this powerful theme on our website using the link below.

Go to the Divi Theme Here:

Get the free Paid Member Subscriptions plugin:

Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions

    12 replies to "How to Add Memberships to the Free Divi Yoga Layout Pack"

    • Zumbawith LUGLIO

      Thanks for the video, I found the instructor difficult to follow but good video

    • Peter Ngo

      Hi donjete, is there a feature that you recommend for members to be able login and post their own pictures and details which gets updated every month on the front end where we can have featured members?

    • Cyrus Colorado

      Great Video !! Thanks for taking the time to do this. 🙂

    • Joseph Abarado

      Thanks Donjete!

    • mittenchiropractic

      What's the name of the plugin?

    • Pradeep Canorbis

      Can the users have or create a page of their own wherein the admin can notify the users of their future class timings?

    • Desdeelcanton Radio Online

      muy bueno! gracias

    • Clare Langley

      Is it possible to limit the membership sales? Surely this would be vital to avoid being over subscribed.
      Also the CSS doesn't seem to be working for me at all!

    • Valerie Cailean

      Hi there, Hi, I have been following exact instructions on how to add memberships to the Yoga Layout Pack according to your video:
      However, the plug-in (once published) – and with me signed out, as indicated at 21.12"minutes, displays incorrectly. Instead of listing the membership elements horizontally from left to right, as they should, it produces a column display with the elements and I don't know why as I have repeated the excercise and followed precise instructions. Please help me to resolve this as I don't see why it doesn't display as in the video.thanks in advance!
      This is what it looks like now:
      – instead of displaying like this:
      First name………………………………………….box
      >> my display is centered in the page like this:



    • Ule Stevenson

      "You will soon be able to get this code…" It's been 2 days. How soon is soon before you post the CSS code?

    • Ule Stevenson

      CSS code please? Useless otherwise.

    • Eamon Wall

      Thanks for the instructions regarding the paid membership plug in – very detailed and informative. Have you published the link to the CSS code yet? Thanks.

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