This step by step tutorial teaches you that how to add Meta tags in your wordpress web pages.

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Meta tags are used for making websites search engine friendly. These are the special tags which do not effect on the design but are very useful for defining the website. This definition can be about author, keywords description etc. In this tutorial on “how to add meta tags in wordpress” we are going to teach you that how easily you can add and update meta tags in your pages and make wordpress posts more visible to search engines.

Step 1: Going to Host
First of all we are going to our host where projects are posted.

Step 2: Going to wordpress Admin
Go to the wordpress admin, that is, wp-admin. For going to the admin page, type /wp-admin in front of project name.

Step 3: Login to Admin
Logging in to wordpress Admin, type user name and password.

Step 4: Going to plugin page
To install new plugin, hover your mouse on the “plugin” located at left side menu and click on “Add New”

Step 5: Search plugin
To search plugin for meta tags in wordpress. Type “meta tags” in the search box and click on “search plugins”.

Step 6: Installing Plugin
To install plugin for adding meta tags in wordpress posts. Click on “install Now” link.

Step 7: Confirming to install
To confirm its installation, click on “OK” in the confirm box.

Step 8: Activating Plugin
To activate the plugin, click on “activate plugin” link.

Step 9: Going to plugin setting
To add meta tags, hover mouse on Setting in the left menu and click on “Meta Tag Manager”.

Step 10: Add meta tags
Now add meta tags of your choice and click on save changes.

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    • Saúde Aqui e Agora

      ops… vídeo errado =D

    • Bob Stanford


    • Russell North

      Very helpful video, thank you ?

    • JLiRD808

      Plugins plugins plugins…I swear thereʻs gonna be a time when weʻll need a plugin to use capital letters!

      Canʻt you do this in your .php files maybe? So sick of having to install a plugin to do every little thing.

    • harshal lonare

      I created one plugin too have a look here:

    • Gael Logan

      need to update this video, this plugin is a lot more complex now, although limiting and useless to me.

    • Maxim Lyubarets

      If you have Yoast and your site is multilingual – you will not have title and description on each language page. Yoast pushes only one title and one description – for default site’s language. There is a wordpress plugin that generates custom <title> and <description> tags depending of post/page's language.

    • Gil Sh

      how to make the tags visible on pages?

    • Bj

      i love you too!

    • Lela Micallef

      Thanks very helpful.

    • Hadi Kamil

      hey, if i download and install meta tag manager , is it will reset any recent code that i insert in my header ? or else ? thx

    • Chrissa Fx Trader

      You are the best.. I bow to you 🙂 thank you so much, I will promote this… God Bless you and keep you safe…

    • Tenacity Trademarked

      And this is total BS!!!

    • Tenacity Trademarked

      No such thing as plugin page.

    • Hannah Charlton

      Geat video, I really liked the stuff about meta tags!

    • Richa Raj Singh

      It is really very helpful.. Thanks a ton.

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