Presented by Kori Ashton – Would you like to know how to add your #WordPress blog posts into a page? Here’s a free plugin and quick tutorial to teach you just how it’s done! Free is always in the budget!!

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    18 replies to "How to Add Posts into a WordPress Page – Free Plugin"

    • Reese CCA

      this is awesome i was trying to use post in page plugin but i couldn't figure it out and i found your tutorial on this other plugin and it worked perfectly the first time!

    • epuri sreeja

      Hi Kori, i'm unable to find posts in page plugin for installation . is there any other plugins to add posts into custom page

    • tim antiheld

      I've been looking for hours for this exact problem. Thanks a lot for the video, it's been really helpful. 🙂

    • The Game

      I was exhausted in searching this solution and then i found you thanks

    • Bikepacking

      save my life thanks so much

    • bitkarek

      does anyone know how to display posts on a page that look exactly like theme posts? (the default posts/blog page look)

    • Stephen W

      Great stuff !!! tanks for sharing

    • Hypnotize

      wordpress and all of its plugins reminds me about how lucky we are, thank you so much for this great content

    • Jeetendra Kapase

      I am new to WordPress and need help.

      I want to create posts lets say for quotes or jokes and need to show them using a post grid of 3 or 4 columns.

      Also, I want to have a copy button, download button (If I add an image to post), and like and a share button for FB, Whatsapp, etc.

      I used features of 2-3 plugins:

      however, this is not using post or gird… and I can share the whole page but not a particular quote using share buttons of FB, Whatsapp, etc.

      Thank you in advance.

    • Muradi A

      but Elementor don't allow me to past the code

    • Muin Sarguroh

      How to add Next and Previous button option, instead placing all posts in all

    • rika

      LIFE SAVING VIDEO!!!!! Thank you so much!!!

    • Yvette Satchell

      I need help. No one can post to my website at all. Please help.

    • Amol Borse

      I want a plugin that can post like social post but it should be posted on only my website, not to link any social media website. Can you suggest any plugin?

    • Trish Kelly

      This was a really useful, no nonsense post that explained exactly what I needed to know clearly and precisely.

    • Nouman Mehmood


    • Tom Riehl

      Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

    • Online Marketing Tutor

      So wonderful video, full of energy and value! LOVE it Kori!

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