In this tutorial I will show you how to add testimonial carousel to wordpress website using a free plugin. Here I will show you how to make grid view and also rotator view. And will show you how we can customize it as our need.

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    15 replies to "How to add rotator testimonials to wordpress website free"

    • Jyotirmoy Das

      Thank you so much for the lesson, it is really helpful.
      From India.

    • Jelle Riemersma

      thx, helped me a lot!

    • Activity Author

      I wished you would have told us that the plugin requires an upgraded account ­čśÉ

    • Eben Chester Addotey

      Why am I not able to have different quotes for different pages? i will appreciate your help

    • The Biz Miss

      What plugin did you use on the main page? I think it started with a D. It's the tab next to caching.

    • Wagner Frederich

      Farjana, thanks a lot . . . . from Brazil . .

    • Mohammad Shafeeq

      How to place image above text

    • UI Monk

      nice work keep shooting the stars..

    • Resham Kamat

      How to create a live review in it?? If someone wants to post review on site then hw to do??

    • hasan Bijoy

      Thanks a lot mam

    • Mother FullMoon

      Thank you so much, this worked, Amazing! lots of love to you!

    • Hakim EA

      Cheers ! useful !!

    • Steve Tucker

      A great help thank you!

    • Kiran Dwarika

      I've been searching to get this done for days….big up's to you , thank you ! works great

    • Asif roy

      Good job done Mis Farjana

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