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This video shows you how to set the color of the navigation bar in OptimizePress, which requires you to do it on the Page settings and then also in the Blog Settings.

    3 replies to "How To Adjust Navigation Bar Color in OptimizePress"

    • zimunchino

      Thanks alot 😉

    • Anyextee

      Ah! It was hiding in Header & Navigation Preferences. Thanks so much but now I have a new question. How did you get the Blue "Get Free Help Now" button with the arrow wrap around. I don't see that option for the optins that OP offers.

    • Meghan Treacy

      Would you happen to know the CSS code that changes the background color of the nav bar when hovered over for a non-blog page? I tried body .container .navigation ul li a:hover { background-color: #000000 }, but does not work properly.

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