How to create an awesome landing page with a free drag-and-drop plugin and without a designer’s help.

Building something like this is really simple with SiteOrigin and Shortcodes Ultimate. The fact that you can create all of that on your own makes those plugins uber-helpful.

SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin:
SiteOrigin additional bundle of widgets:

Shortcodes Ultimate plugin:
We’re going to use it to add some additional cool content blocks to our previously created landing page structure. Some more details about the plugins:

They both work with any of #ThemeIsle themes.
You can use them on posts and pages.
You do all of your work inside the standard editing screen in WordPress.
The output is responsive and mobile-friendly.
You can use widgets as content blocks in SiteOrigin.
There’s version control in SiteOrigin.


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    11 replies to "How To Build A Landing Page In WordPress Without A Designer"

    • Robert Peter K.

      Thanks for your honest interactions! I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the Landing Page builder mentioned in this video.

    • Maurizio La Spina

      Great video.

      I followed the steps in installing the plugins. But I don't have under page attributes under template " full width, no title, (Siteorigin page..)

      Had anyone else ran into this problem?

    • Glen C

      Thanks, but when I used siteorigin plugins, it made my whole website unresponsive. I had to use the following video to fix it [ Now the plugin is not usable, of course. Any idea why siteorigin would cause this to happen?

    • andysquad33

      great video – and i love the expression "side bundle of vidgets" – it made me chuckle

    • NICK MED

      Just wonderful, I've been looking for "make landing page online" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Doniden Landify Pages – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got great results with it.

    • Kate Glenn

      I need some help, can I call you?

    • Emmanuel Yohan Lazzara

      Hi. Thanks for the useful video! I am having a problem. I had previously installed a theme in wordpress, and the theme is overriding anything I do with siteorigin, meaning that any content I add with siteorigin is added to the current theme, instead of starting from a blank page. I tried to uninstall the theme, but it seems you can only change themes, by replacing them with others. So my question is, how do I get rid of my current theme without replacing it with a new one, so that I can start with a blank page?

    • Brian Murray

      I don't have the option to change the template. I am working with a fresh install of WP v. 4.9.2 using Twenty Seventeen theme. I have also tried with Twenty Sixteen and Twenty Fifteen. I am trying to follow along step by step with your video but I don't have the very first step of changing the template to Full Width. How do I add the same template options? I have the SiteOrigin plugins you mentioned installed AND activated. But I do not have this option. How do I add this?

    • Steve Neathery

      If I have WordPress to build my website, do I need another WP account to create a landing page for something completely different? Or can I use the one I have?

    • Trevor

      I don't have the hero option, can you make a different one?

    • MD Hasemul Islam

      Thanks for this kinds of informative video, but you don't mention about the theme, which theme is suitable for this templates

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