The video shows you how to build a membership site in WordPress, and how using Toolset can help reduce your development time.

Topics covered:
What is a membership site?
Defining user roles
Setting up capabilities
Restricting access to content
How do you turn a visitor into a member?
Advanced features

Demo site available at


    9 replies to "How to build a membership site in WordPress using Toolset plugins"

    • Patrick Knows

      You guys should have a tutorial on how to built in the registration form and log in form.

    • Patrick Knows

      You guys need to have more tutorials like this and build the forms. And don't get offended. Try to add native English-speakers on your team that will do yhe tutorials. The video becoming too long and hard to listen to sometimes because of the obvious stuggles of Agnes

    • Ines Aguas

      Hi. How can a subscriber upgrade to VIP? Regards

    • Marcos Albuquerque

      Thanks for the video, i`ll check out the website, but please in a nutshell, would it be possible to create a subscription solution for rental gear products? funcionalities would be: 1) become a member with recurring monthly payments 2) access to the products list for selecting (reservation) by chosing pickup and return dates 3) member area with the active reservations, profile, etc. …. THANK YOU!

    • hedarfoota

      I have a Post Type called Courses, there are 2 courses named "Course One" and "Course Two". And I have 2 User Roles VIP and Regular. I would like VIP members to have access to only "Course One" and Regular members to only have access to "Course Two". Is this possible with Toolset or do I need a seperate membership plugin for that?

    • jthomas kay

      More of these types of videos, please!

    • Visualmodo

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    • Mr. Korotana

      im building . a membership site, need help.. can you PM me pls?

    • DarkStar Digital

      What if the content isn't defined by user role? For example, let's imagine that you have a range of courses available, and you want to restrict access so that people can only access the specific courses they have paid to join. Can we do that with toolset? (I have created something like this in Toolset using custom user fields, but it felt like there should be a simpler way). Thanks.

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