In this video, I show you How to Build a Membership Site using Memberpress and WordPress.


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    10 replies to "How To Build A Membership Site – Memberpress"

    • Yvonne Sinclair

      Hi Mak, I have purchased via your affiliate links. How do I receive the free tutorials please?

    • Etherean Mission

      I am still waiting to get your promised free tutorial of Member Press for those who bought through your link.


    • Left Bank Jazz

      Hi there! Thanks for the video. I followed your step by step guide after screwing up memberpress when I tried on my own.
      NOW, when I go incognito and try to access the page that I have created the ERROR page for (the one that is unauthorized for non members) and I get a notification that the page can't be opened because of too many redirects. Can you help me with that?
      I do not know what to change, so this does not appear again.
      Many thanks!

    • Bruce Evans

      Can you direct me in to how to use multiple currencies with MemberPress? My members will be from several countries, and I would like my price to be available in local currencies.

    • Gavin Bell

      Love the set up man. What camera/lighting do you use?


      While all of this sounds cool, are you able to create a product library that will only show the products they have paid for and hide the products that they don't have access to? I thought this was a simple task, but it's turning out to be more complex then I expected.

    • Bruce Evans

      Thank you for the tutorial. It appears that most online e-commerce membership sites have one service with multiple levels (silver, gold, platinum), my challenge is that I have multiple services that each have two different levels of service: multiple educational courses that each have different levels of support and feedback. I'm trying to figure out how to access those from a member's account page or a different work around.

    • Eric Teoh Fitness

      Hello there, I have purchased MM with your affiliated link, what is your email address? I want to email you the receipt so that I can get access to your divi and MM course.

    • AndyDOHD1

      Another great tutorial. I am interested in changing an existing client's site into an online catalogue. I wondered whether you had any tutorials on that sort of setup? I am using/learning Elementor and OceanWP in my new work. I had thought that a membership site might be an option but when I think about it, I don't think that it is unless you can advise otherwise.

    • Edwin Rance

      Great tutorial

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