In today’s episode of Funnel Fridays we take a look at building an Invisible Funnel.

So if you don’t know what an invisible funnel is, it’s when you offer a training or service e.g webinar and provide it for free then at the end of the training if people got a result or liked it then they get billed and if not it’s Free.

This presents the idea of giving value up front and also standing behind your product, much like a money back guarantee.

Check out the full episode and others here:

    4 replies to "How To Charge For Your Webinar Using “The Invisible Funnel”"

    • Adventago

      LOL Russell's laugh os so contagious i love it

      You are amazing 😁

    • Vibrant Sol-utions

      didnt Christ say, a prophet has honor except in his own town….. so true

    • Vibrant Sol-utions

      All money and genius fame system creating aside, you dudes are cool as fuck! I really like you guys, and its makes it so much easier to follow your models… So real, country, quirky, you guys are being yourself! Russell has 5 kids, wow, i love it… who does that nowadays? Its lovely to see how natural and outside the box you teach and converse and transfer the knowledge of implementation as well as brainstorming to create!

    • Dan Kelly

      If you don't have an Order Confirmation page, how do customer get access to their order? (That's the only page with an "Access Product" link that I know of.)

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