How To Clean Malware From Your WordPress Website – Part 2

WordPress Malware Rescue – Semi-Automatic Cleaning Malware From Your WordPress Website

In this video I share how you can use the feedback from the first video and begin to clean all the malware from your wordpress website. I also show you how to manually clean malware from plugins and how to limit the reach that malware can have on your website.

View Part 1 Here:
View Part 3 Here:

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    2 replies to "How To Clean Malware From Your WordPress Website – Part 2"

    • mike glaubitz

      Just viewed all 3 videos. Wow . You made it so clear . Very easy to understand. Where did you learn all this. How can I learn more of this information. I have hostgator and they told me I have malware. I tried to do what you said and when I tried to login to my site I get the error message Error establishing a database connection. Any ideas?

    • Andrew Q Power

      With the recent outbreak of malware (soaksoak) on hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites, I thought i'd show people how to quickly clean their site and protect it in future. This second video shows how to use WordPress systems to clean and secure your website from malware.

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