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Instant Cash Solution is simple proven system where you can get paid $100 to $500 daily to copy and paste ads on social media sites, classified ads sites, Craigslist and Facebook. ICS is a legitimate home-based business and not a scam.

In this video I will be showing you two ways how I copy and paste ads and get paid instantly and directly. You will learn how I post ads and make money in Facebook Groups and on Craigslist. I will also share with you two proven solo ads vendors that I’ve had success with in my copy and paste ads business.

Now that 2018 is almost over you may be asking yourself, can you really make money online in 2019? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! In this video, I will also be sharing my copy and paste ads income proof using this amazing system.

🔥🔥 Also, everyone who partners with me will receive tons of bonuses and a weekly team traffic co-op that will jump start your ICS business and get you into profits fast.

✅ Click the link to learn more about this member to member instant pay digital franchise business and how I will coach and mentor you every step of the way. – http://dailypaynetwork.com

PS. Make sure to watch my instant cash solution review video to learn about our products, compensation plan and overview.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I won’t put anything here that I haven’t verified and/or personally used myself.

    24 replies to "How to Copy and Paste Ads and MAKE $100 – $500 PER DAY | Instant Cash Solution Proof"

    • Global Capital Services

      Hi Dan is this still working how much to get started

    • Biz-Help-Hub Channel

      Hi Dan I just want to know if this system will still work in 2020. or it now fully saturated?

    • Compiled Guru

      loving your content on this posting ads! curious if you do pay advertisements?

    • A. Wyckhurst

      Great video. Thanks! One question, is the info in this video still relevant as of now? (Oct 2019)

    • Perpetual Favour

      Great insight. Thanks for sharing but can someone outside united States also be involved in this copy and paste business

    • shiva sahadeva

      where are your links in the description? not clear. please advise.

    • Cyber Pram Mobile

      nice tutorial…., I'll try

    • m RAM

      Anyone succeed at making money with this other than Dan

    • Marion Lorenz

      I watched your presentation to copy and paste and make $100-$500 daily. But, I'm confused. How are you making $100-$500? It looks like what is happening is that you are building a list so you can email clients your funnel. It that what this is?

    • Mad Otto

      Hi Dan, is this mostly paid traffiC? or would you say its split evenly?

    • D RadarMan

      I just joined tonight. Going over the material. Thanks.


      Great one!!!

    • Lucy Jmnz

      I don't need to watch the video. you look broke lol

    • Lou Sabino

      Great info. Dan. Look forward to future updates. Thx again

    • Lady D

      So, Dan, are you making your $100-$500 daily from the people joining your program?

    • D Guy Adam

      Is this blessed method still working? 2019*


      Hello sir, thanks for the video, but how do o get started, please I need this so much.

    • Mr. Violet

      Is it available in Philipines?

    • Simone Myles-Young

      Can you explain what epic solos are? or someone else?

    • Elskerthailand berntsen

      does this method still work?

    • Hayda Lou

      I'm interested to join plss respond my message thank you

    • Jesus Pangilinan Jr.

      Does It works in the Philippines?

    • dian novita

      hi dan…. this is my first time i watch ur video, really great….

    • online earning

      Nice video sir

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