Discover How to Create Multiple Landing Pages in WordPress Using a Combination of FREE Plugins, Themes, and Templates. Exceptional Design & Functionality – No Cost, No Coding!

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I. Intro: 00:00 – 00:53
II. Overview: 00:53 – 03:16
III. Example: 03:16 – 09:31
IV. Software Stack: 09:31 – 19:57
V. Design: 19:57 – 49:41
VI. Integrations: 49:41 – 01:00:00
VII. Tracking: 01:00:00 – 01:07:00
VIII. Free Image Creation: 01:07:00 – 01:11:23



Visual Page Builder
– Elementor (Basic)

Contact Forms
– Contact Form 7
– CF7 Smart Grid Design Extension
– CF7 to Zapier
– CF7 Google Sheet Connector
– Contact Form 7 Modules: Hidden Fields
– Contact Form 7 Redirection

Popup Box
– PopBox for Elementor

Heatmap Tracking
– Hotjar

Split Testing
– Simple Page Tester

– Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms
– Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields
– Contact Form CFDB7
– Essential Addons for Elementor
– W3 Total Cache


Phone Call Tracking
– Callrail [premium]
– Twilio [cheap]
– Google Adwords Dynamic Insertion

Heat Map & Visitor Recordings
– Hotjar

Data Integrations
– Zapier

– Hubspot

Email Marketing
– Mailchimp

Image Design & Size Optimization
– Pixlr
– Logomkr

Most websites don’t place a focus on what they want the visitor to do next. For this reason, the majority of their visitors become ‘window shoppers.’

Humans experience something called, decision fatigue. We tend to want to make choices that require the least amount of mental energy. This is why, when faced with multiple options, we default to the easiest choice.

You want to lessen the amount of mental energy a prospect requires to make a decision by limiting the amount of choices they have; landing pages do exactly this!

The most common difference associated with landing pages is the lack of a navigational header as well as their specificity in content.

Websites appeal to EVERYONE in your audience while a landing page should appeal to a SEGMENT of your audience.

Since you know the intent of the visitors you get from paid traffic sources, you’ll want to send them to a landing page that speaks directly to their needs.

In the early days of any business it almost always makes sense to keep things scrappy. When you’re testing ideas, look to reduce expenses as much as possible before you validate it.

Most landing page software is incredibly expensive so achieving the same design and functionality for free is a HUGE advantage for the growing entrepreneur.

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      Thank you very much. Great video, it helps me a lot


      How do I add t. O. P privacy policy on my WordPress landing page

    • Nico Elvino

      Hi guys! Simple Q before starting, the only way to install the plugins is getting the Business Plan? Or maybe this changed since this video was made? As its $300 a year, pretty expensive just to test this out heh! Anyone knows if it can be tested for free? Cheers!

    • ronald marasa

      Please help clarify this; I need to create a different domain site; i.e. .co, .org in addition to the main one; .com I'm going to use? How to do I get the content from the site on; .co/.org, etc. on to my main site?

    • Ignacio A

      Should your landing page colors and theme be as generic as possible so it can be very flexible and you can recycle it with different clients (so obviously to save time when it comes to reproducing it for different clients), or should it more closely mirror the clients proprietary webpage colors and theme?

    • Ignacio A

      So that elementor, is that part or like a feature of the WordPress site? What does elementor do? Is that a different site than WordPress or no?

      Is it recommended to use a landing page for each client campaign? These landing page also help in setting up conversion tracking for your campaigns, aside from setting up contacts CRM data?

    • Clixfinity

      What about using Themify Builder instead of Elementor?

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      Thank you Ryan, awesome video, followed it all and got my landing page up and running. However recently got an Email from Zapier saying “Your trial period of Zapier's paid features ended, so we switched you to the Free plan. We also paused 1 of your Zaps that no longer matched up with your plan limits.” Unfortunately the zap that is no longer supported is the ‘Webhooks’ going to ‘HubSpot’ so in turn the ‘HubSpot’ to ‘Mailchimp’ also no longer works. Don’t suppose you know a work around for this?

    • Rajini Nair

      Hi, Do I need to have a wordpress business page to add pluggins?

    • Naif Android

      Hi Ryan, Thanks a lot for your explanation in that video but I have a question here…can I use Mailchimp to promote affiliate marketing with Clickbank because I heard they are not allowed if someone doing affiliate marketing with their platform ? kindly correct me if am i wrong ?
      All The Best HERO d^_^b

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      Thanks Ryan, video is very helpful and you have explained it step by step perfectly.

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      I appreciate the contribution. CF7 to Zapier (Webhook?) says my PHP is outdated. This is literally right out of the box. Any suggestions?

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      Thanks Ryan for a wonderful tutorial. I'd appreciate if you can provide links to download the exact images you used for this tutorial.

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      why not use a subdomain?

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      Did CF7 to Zapier change its name to webhook…Is it the same thing, will I get the SMS message for a lead with webhook?

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      Thank you, Ryan! Great video, well made! As a beginner in technology, shorter videos for each section would be very helpful. Also, a bit slower to follow along. 🤔🙄

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