Learn how to create a membership website, restrict it and automate the payment and subscibtion process so that the user get automatic access after they have bought your course/book/product. We will make use of Optimizepress. An amazing plugin/theme that helps you to create a member area and link it with Clickbank.

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    • DigitalDan

      Thanks for this video. I have been struggling for some time. Setting this up is pretty easy from the set up side, the the customer experience is just awful and confusing. The idea that there are multiple emails that you have to respond to is very, very messing. Is there no way to streamline this process? Ideally, they'd click "buy me", enter their email/password/credit card, get charged, and access….without being sent multiple emails. I keep looking for a smooth way to do this while using Clickbank

    • Saurabh Mathur

      Ferdy…I am also building a membership site and having issues with the login page. How will people create their login and password to gain access to the membership content?

    • Henry webster

      I'm a little confused. Where did you get you home page theme? It is different from the other optimizepress templates. It is drag and drop. Unlike the rest of the optimizepress templates. Please help.

    • Fábrica de Clientes Web

      Hello Ferdy and thak you for your videos, very well explained, I have a question, Is there an option to make MemberPress or Optimizepress to send the user an Password automatically (I see there are a lot of steps for buyers) Thank you very much

    • Alberto Morán

      Amazing man! You're really awesome

    • Vijeth Simha

      ferdy i cant afford 97$ is there anyother way?


      Ferdy, thanks for this. What program did you use to create this video? It's awesome!

    • Lifestyle Of Freedom

      hello Ferdy, I have followed your great tutorial, but please help as I tried to follow step by step for my "Product" which is online course on one of my sites but at the end, when all done as you say it only takes me to "FREE Membership Site" and not the "Paid Online Course" why is that? If you could help or advice would be great..cant see to figure it out…never gets me to actual paid course…THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! Jan

    • spy salhi

      Top tutorial

    • Virgil Vergara

      Hi Ferdy, thanks for the video but why Optimizepress? Its so outdated, slow and bloated. How would I know? Because I had a license with them once. Used it but they never really done anything to make it up to par with other wordpress builders. I wish you would had used something else as an example rather than optimizedpress.

    • gilberto soon

      Hi Ferdy, thanks for the tutorial, I have been waiting for this kind of website. Greetings from Mozambique

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