In this video I’ll show you how to create a Membership Login Page with OptimizePress. Visit my blog at for more OptimizePress tips.

    9 replies to "How To Create A Membership Login Page With OptimizePress"

    • Centauri

      My problem is that when I click on "add element" and search for "Membership Login form" there's no "Membership login form". Did OptimizePress change that? And what can I do?

    • CuriousMind

      Thanks sir!

    • Keum Eva Grießhammer

      Hello and thank you for this video! I would like to know, where I get the login data for, in the case I don't have an automised process, i.e. after the client paid, I will send him the login data manually. Thank you!

    • jlupdate nah77

      After a customer purchase a membership how do they get login info? I do not want free subscribers I just want members who have already paid? I seem to be stuck

    • Deborah D'Aquino

      Hey Crazy WP Geek, you're a good teacher! Thanks for your training. Would you know how to park an mp3 file on my page so that my member can download it for keeps?

    • Isaac Sariel

      Thanks for your help

    • Fernando Muro

      I created a course with an optimizzepress page.
      When I buy my course, I need to send the login page
      I want students to create their login to view my course

    • T Goforth

      Can you please tell me how to link my login page to show up after someone has paid on paypal?

    • Rodolfo Figueira

      Thanks a lot for this video! There is anyways to edit this form generated by OP? I meaning, we need this form in pt-BR, but even style can we edit? Do you know with there is anything that can help me? Thanks in advance.

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