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If you’re creating a membership site from scratch, there are three simple things you can prepare ahead of time to help guarantee the success of your site on launch.

1: Plan out your membership mode (like a business plan)
2: Discover the best way to attract new members in your niche
3: Build out a positive ROI model so you know how much to charge for membership and how much to spend on marketing

After that, you’re ready to start building out your membership site.

In this video, I cover the exact steps to build out your membership site from scratch including the four pages that attract new members, creating different membership levels (like paid and free), and restricting access to paying members only.

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✔️The four most effective ways to market your organization online: 04:02
✔️How to build an ROI Model: 06:37
✔️The exact steps to build your membership website: 08:56
✔️How Membership Management Software can help you build your site: 09:41
✔️How a Win-Back Email can increase member retention: 19:39

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      How to do im poor

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      Template are old fashion. To create a simple page its impossible. We are 2021.

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      If u r looking for how to create, just skip to 12 minutes. The first half are just a very boring blah blah balh….

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      about in app with phones ??? im working with wix before and because wix app and support not solve issues i decide give up
      can you show us how is this website for people using phones ??? Thanks

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      Tutorial starts at 10:37

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      Yes, you are providing great information regarding creating a membership site. There are some companies available like who are working and providing the best solution to small and startup businesses.

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      thks for sharing, great content, what was the yoga site, im going to start a yoga membership site

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      How to create paid content?

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      I like how you jump straight in! Cut to chase fast! Thank you

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      I'd like to use this platform to build my platform. Does it export html when the build is complete so i can run the sight on my own domain?

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      Thank you for this video. What kind of membership or club goes with an online store of creative gifts?

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      After 30 days how much subscription?

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