How do you create a membership site that earns you a reliable income every month?

WishlistMember is a WordPress based membership plugin that allows you to protect your content online and charge people monthly to access your website.

This is no startup, WishlistMember has been around since 2008 and has been installed on over 100K online course and membership websites.

Honestly, this deal is too good to pass up. Watch the video and see why.

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    13 replies to "How To Create A Membership Site with Wishlist Member [AppSumo Review]"

    • ramsis kasis - تعليم عود اونلاين

      how do you make membership subscription with wishlist?

    • קאבר'ס

      Hi, the special offer of $ 49.00 Sold out.

      Will it be back soon?

    • marc al

      I just found you last night and have already watched about 15 of your videos. Thanks for making these. 2 questions:

      1. Do you do videos of all the AppSumo deals?
      2. What software do you use to capture you and replace your background where it reduces so sharply?

    • Damjan Visnjic

      It does work with Cartflows and woocommerce. My website is set up with Cartflows upsells, downlsells and an order bump. I've connected this membership plug in yesterday and tested it out today and it works.

    • Jay Vijay

      Hey Dev I hope you are doing well. I would love to see comparision between loginpress pro vs Wishlist Member

    • Fahad Reda

      Thanks for the Great Review 🙂

    • Railfan Depot

      In just a short period of time I've come to rely on your LTD reviews. Thank you.

    • tuberiea

      Thank you for this review. What else do I need along with wishlist member to build courses? I want to sell individual courses as well as have the oppportunity to sell bundles etcetera. Is this all I need, or do I need another plugin? My next question is concerning video hosting? How does that work? I'm a newbie and am a little lost. What do you recommend?

    • Hypnotist Steve Nana Wusu

      Hey Dave, great review as always. Do I need to buy learndash in order to use wishlist? I’m a newbie lol

    • Stratos Tutorials

      Thanks Dave. I dont even know how you manage to find time to go so deep to each software and then create the review, but you do a great job. P.S. what software do you use for the screen and cam recording?

    • JWeb

      Thank you very much for this great review. I'll get this deal with your links, of course! 😀

    • Bhavesh Naik

      Excellent walk-through! I learned a lot. 🙂

    • My Digital Marketing Journey

      I kind of can't believe they put this deal out. Definitely a no brainier. Any thoughts on Wishlist+LearnDash vs Heights?

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