Discover how to use one of the best WordPress membership plugins known as, “Paid Memberships Pro”. This plugin is flexible to suit the needs of nearly all online and offline businesses.

Paid Membership Pro website –

You may simply install it and start using out of the box. Yet, with some basic knowledge you can configure Paid Memberships Pro any way you want. Including:

– Set up any number of Membership levels
– Use the most popular payment gateways, such as: Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout
– Integrate over 42 Add Ons
– Use any theme you like

A great plugin to immediately start a membership website in right direction!

You may choose between three different planning, such as:
1. Free Planning – I will use this planning as an example throughout this video. I recommend for you to start with their free version.

Once you start doing income to upgrade to another version to get their extra features.

2. PMPro Core – This planning comes with member forum support and developers chat

3. PMPro Plus – This version is the complete package, which includes:

Memberlite Theme – A theme designed by Paid Membership Pro team. Purposely done to work perfectly with their plugin.

45 Add-Ons to fully customize your membership website any way you could possibly imagine!

PMPPro License Key

1- Click Add On Installs and Updates

Advanced code recipes

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    17 replies to "How to Create A Membership Website With WordPress – Paid Memberships Pro Full Tutorial"

    • Kayode Emmanuel Sopitan

      I cant seem to find a way to make user log in page to access the current home page (to be renamed) with secure content. Can anyone help please? I am using paid membership pro

    • Maulik nai

      Very Good Explanation

    • angelo cruz

      Really very good tutorial. My question is: Where are the data such as name, password etc stored and how are they stored?.

    • Rishi Unhale

      how to accept payments through pmpro + woocommerce ? Please help me out if you have any solutions…

    • Manus Hanekom

      HI i'm a trying to figure out how to add the "user_id" number to the Paid confirmation email.

    • William Pooler

      Do the members have a dashboard?

    • Ravi Jadhav

      Awesome Jordan ­čÖé

    • Oluwatobi Imolitie

      I want to use other gateway payment method that is not among the paid membership pro options, what trick do you think i can use to authorize users after users have paid.

    • Sundown Inc Nature Preserve

      I've got Paid Membership Pro set up correctly, STILL my (wordpress) pages can be accessed by anyone. What am I missing?????? I've checked everywhere.

    • George Daugharty

      I knew that was a Portuguese Accent!

    • KB Critters

      how would i make the cart checkout free for my premium members?

    • mj6400

      So Jordan, I am not seeing where a registration form is. Do I have to create the form?

    • PillBoom

      How to add a template to just the membership levels page without messing with theme. I already use a certain theme and dont wanna change it.

    • Max Tremmel

      This was a great video to learn about PMP! I learned an amazing amount of information on how to use this on my site as I am a novice and had no idea how to work or use it… Thanx!

    • Nameless One

      Why when a user logs in how do you redirect them to a membership page and not open the wp-admin profile. This will confuse none word press users if they have to manually change the address in the address bar.

    • Serhii Shevchenko

      Hey Jordan! Awesome video tutorial!
      Can you help me please and tell me how can I create an option that when someone buys my membership and adds contact info (email, credit card number etc) on checkout page after check out process he automatically receives an email with instructions (automatically generated password etc) how to enter the members area?
      I would really appreciate your help!

    • abdellah elmazria

      Excelent; thank u

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