Creating a membership site with no coding requires a manual cancellation process. Here is how to create that process for your membership site.

Hey guys and welcome back to How to Create a Membership Site with Zero Coding. This is the last part in the series, How TO Create A Process For Cancellations for your membership site.

One of the negatives of creating a membership site with zero coding is that we need to have a process for cancellations because it is not integrated. It is not going to happen automatically so I am going to show you how to do that in this video. And basically what we are going to be doing is using a spreadsheet to manage our cancellations and to manage our customers. Here is the spreadsheet that we will be using to manage our cancellations.

It does not look like much because it does not need to be much. I have made this spreadsheet available for you for free because hey, I am that kind of guy. You can get it; just go to sheet. Now it will be read-only for you so if you want to have it to use yourself, click file, click make a copy. You can go ahead and name that copy then click okay. And that will then save it to your Google Docs account. So you will need to have a Google account to be able to do this.

Now what will happen is when someone cancels their membership, you will get a notification like this one – that the following subscription has been canceled by the customer. Now I am using a product called Snappy Checkout, which I am using to collect recurring payments. You can go ahead and sign up for that through my affiliate link at and of you do that I would absolutely appreciate it.

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