Welcome to Funnel Friday’s! Each week Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson build a sales funnel from scratch in 30 minutes or less, using their software, Clickfunnels and FunnelScripts.

In this first episode Russell and Jim build out a sales funnel for promoting Green drink Coffee Supplement.

They build out all the pages and create all the copy using just two software tools and do it all in under an hour.

Check out the software and future episodes:

    15 replies to "How To Create A Sales Funnel For Supplements In 30 Minutes"

    • Blue Blonde

      also for how hard click funnels is to edit and work with it does take 6 months. I have already watched half a dozen videos and am still confused! doesn't work the way I want when I try to edit it.

    • Blue Blonde

      I wish it was easier to build a funnel. If I had a way to move items and resize pics easily that would help.

    • LettieNugent.com

      VERY IMPRESSIVE: what you were able to do in 3o min

    • Adventago

      OHHHH I love this type of video my favourite 2 click funnels people

      Funnel dude and copy dude 😝

      Great video im not into the supplement industry or health industry

      However, I like the idea and im going to see how I can implement this into my business

      Keep up the great work From your friend ADVENTAGO 😁

    • 衛星Ethan

      As I read Jim’s book this week I found it really helpful because in the headline it contains the 4 keys of a good headline as Jim taught in his book! They are the hurdle, the prize, the timing, and the eliminator.

      Love to see how Funnel Script could create so many killer headlines in just a sec!

      Next I will look into Funnel Script!

    • Dhananjay Anand

      What is the font you often use?

    • Mebukura Gabriel

      wow so much amazing lecture

    • Lopez Mario

      Hey guys! Anyone else doing supplements? I am way down in Chile so wont be a competition to you. Just wanted to know how you were going. Cheers from Chile

    • HIDlarissaTERRY

      Russel, what a tribe! and I am with iT!

    • elsa helgason

      I’m going to sign off now. I did sign in with you is done. I’m not leaving you all. I will be there’s when the day’s in 2020. Until then, I will takes off to back home soon. I needs times to pack my bags. I will see you all in NY if possible.

    • Eric J

      Why is his FunnelScripts version better than mine? What version do I have if I just bought it during week 1 of this Challenge?

    • Keith Carey

      awesome video!

    • Stacy Rosman

      do you know i am here

    • Stacy Rosman

      Whhat ost $500 dollars 2 days ago?

    • Stacy Rosman

      Stacy is here trying to figure out which is the correct class for Me

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