Want to get access to the full course? Go to http://ferdykorpershoek.com! In this course I will show you from scratch how to become an online entrepreneur In this course I will show you from scratch how to become an online entrepreneur. In episode #2 I Will talk about creating a salespage for your online business and what to keep in mind when you create a salespage.

In this 10 episode course I will upload a new video every friday. Do you want to get access to the whole course immediately? Then go to ferdykorpershoek.com.

‘How To Become An Online Entrepreneur’ is a course that shows you every step you need to take in order to get an idea for an online business, act upon that idea, create a course and to become an online entrepreneur that earns revenue.

Throughout the course I will not only show you the theory, but I will practice what I preach and show you the results! You just can look over my shoulder. The only 2 things I ask of you are (1) passion for a subject and (2) perseverance.

2. Create a website / salespage
I will walk you through all the steps about making a website where you can place information about your subject. Where to think about when you are making a landingpage. UPS, Good headline, Call to Action etc. I show you how to write articles (blogposts) in order to gain organic traffic to your website.

In this episode we will get web hosting through http://webhosting124.com and a theme through http://wp-king.com/enfold-theme/

    7 replies to "How To Create A Salespage"

    • anny halpin

      Wonderful Content as per usual,thanks again. Is it possible you may post some info on more internal works of a Website? ie How to create a giveaway or a simple newsletter?

    • Libero Spadaccino Musica Animazione Matrimoni Allegri

      Hi Ferdy, i am a follower of yours since 2017 from Italy. Great Videos. I have a question and hope you can help. I have Getresponse for my emailing service, it's a great tools specially for the support. They are always available, any time, live chat. Meanwhile i have clickfunnels because i think its a good landing page software, but the support is CRAP! Yes i know time here is different but when i need info, i need it straight. What can you suggest me ? Can you suggest me another powefull tool regarding landing pages? also with very good assistance 24/24? Thanks Libero

    • Sophia Hung

      Hi Ferdy, I have a question, not sure if you can give me a little help. I tried to use the fullscreen slider like in your tutorial, using the original size (no scaling), but the top and bottom of my images get cut off. If I choose other image options (smaller), the image still gets cut off, and the image resolution is poorer. Do you have any idea why?

    • Renny Mariga

      Dude you are awesome… Thank you ever soo soo much for sharing. I am just coming to this online entrepreneur Niche and I appreciate you sharing all your nuggets!!!!

    • Dawid Kitura

      Amazing stuff! But one thing I have to say: Header H1 You suppose to use just once on your page, not multiple times! And I have a question: that Enfold theme can I pay just once and use to build more then one page, or I have to buy it for every page I am building?

    • Navpreet Singh

      Awesomeee videos bro. really lyked all your videos. Just one small request..

      make a complete tutorial for ECOMMERCE wordpress also. Please.

      Thanks bro…

    • Shekhor Sarker

      Great and Go Ahead @WordpressKing 🙂

      I am waiting for your Next video and Please do some tutorial for Gravity Form for practical project.
      Thanks a lot for You..

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