You know how important it is to build your email list as a small business, right? It’s STILL the #1 way to bring new future customers and clients into your business every single day. In this video, I’ll show you how you can quickly and easily create an email opt-in landing page that clearly communicates the value of your lead magnet, on a website that you actually own — not on a web builder that you basically rent month to month.

We’ll be using WordPress, and a premium plugin called Elementor Pro to make this happen.

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    24 replies to "How to Create an Email Opt-In Landing Page in WordPress & Elementor"

    • Lonnie Horsey

      Great tutorial. Quick question – Does this become a stand alone page, or does it become part of your website? I want to create stand alone pages that we can use in our email outreach to keep people focused on the topic at hand and to get them to sign up for a free download or consultation.

    • Kid Activities with Alexa

      Best elementor tutorial I have seen so far! Thank you!

    • Marresa Bauman

      Can I have multiple landing pages using same website? I heard that can be done but on different subfolders in WP. Can this be achieved? thank you

    • Hazim Reis - ريس حازم

      you are a great man thnx

    • Ingrid Clark

      AWESOME, thank you. This is the 3rd landing page I started and hands down the most professional one. I'll be downloading the Elementor Pro with your affiliate link.
      How do I generate traffic to the opt-in?

    • Magali ROBY

      Whoooohhouuu You made my day WES! Thanks for all the informations and precious details in this video.

    • Clever Merchants

      Can you then add a thank you page when someone submits their info?

    • This Sun Child

      That was excellent! New subscriber here!

    • Mayur Bahuguna

      How to check the email list of all the users that signup??

    • Becky M

      Great video, Amazing landing page, very professional. How do I link the landing page to go live?

    • TekCheetah

      I kept thinking the mouse was a fly on my screen cuz I'm a Linux user 😂😂😂

    • Ann Marie

      This an awesome tutorial! Thank you!

    • Success With Gigi

      Hi, Get video. I just have one problem with my optin form that I'am hoping you can help me with. I completed my funnel and When I test out my opt-in form on my desktop it works just fine. The problem happens when I pull up my funnel on my mobile phone, I put in my name and my email and when I click on the submit button it doesn't work. Why is that?

    • Muhamed Khattab

      this was great thank you!

    • Bobby Bugattii

      Do I get a website from wordpress to do this? Or what product should I choose?

    • Angelina Pecoraro

      Awesome! Really enjoyed this video 👍 It was easy to understand and helpful! Just subscribed.

    • affiliate few tuber

      Do you have a video detailing how to use the autoresponder after setting up this landing page? this video is the best I have seen

    • Tse Liang Teoh

      I could not find the disable sections, what should I do?

    • Susan Harper

      Wes, you are so awesome, I can't even …

    • Harry Cordoba

      After spending literally one day looking for an easy way to build my first opt in landing page using elementor, your video shows the most easy, comprehensive and straight to the point way to do it (No pop ups, no extremely fancy things, just nice, good looking and simple landing page). Just built my first lead magnet and looks awesome. Thanks for sharing it!!

    • Charles Prosper

      Dude! You are awesome! I spent an hour and a half writing down and detailing every step! I think I can do this! I hardly EVER subscribe to anyone, but you got me. You take your time, and you don't rush like I've seen in other tutorials! You are my official web marketing mentor and guru. I can tell you know what you're doing! Thanks so much!

    • Simply Splendid

      Can I do this with the free Elementor? Do I need to buy the elementor pro?

    • Simply Splendid

      Is the "shape divider" available with 'elementor Pro" only?

    • Sophie Broom

      Hi this video is the BEST instruction for Elementor I've seen. I now feel so confident to create my landing page !!! Amazing . Well done.

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