Here is exactly how to create an evergreen launch funnel. I walk you step-by-step through the technology and steps required to create your evergreen funnel.

I am going to show you How To Create An Evergreen Launch Funnel. I am going to show you the tools that you need; all of the stuff that you need in order to implement this. We are going to go through the technical details in this video of exactly how to create an Evergreen Launch Funnel. If you have not watched it already go back and watch video number 1: What Is An Evergreen Launch Funnel just so we are all on the same page.

So, to create an Evergreen Launch Funnel you are going to need 4 key ingredients. You are going to need 4 launch pages so a page for video number 1, video number 2, video number 3, and then the sales page with video number 4. You are going to need a countdown timer on video number 4 so that it expires at a certain point in time. And when it expires people are redirected to a different page.

You are going to need some email marketing software because sending out scheduled emails is a big part of this Evergreen Launch Funnel so we absolutely need that. And you also need the ability to alter links. This is not a set-and-forget sort of strategy. There is some manual work that needs to be done each week and that is mainly altering your links so all the redirects are correct and all the emails are correct for each of the people.

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      You mentioned 2 free programs for video thumnails; What are they ? Couldn't hear it ? ( around 8:50 minutes )

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