Want to sell an online course but are on a tight budget? Then this online course creation tutorial is for you. Learn how to generate leads, makes sales, and deliver content without spending a dime on software.
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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Landing Page & Email Collection
3:49 – Wave Accounting
5:50 – Zapier: Wave + MailChimp
6:39 – Membership Site Example
8:02 – Recap
10:23 – Outro

How To Create An Online Course For Free – Sell Your Online Course With 100% Software

Online Course Creation for Free 2019 – How To Build an Online Course Step-by-Step Tutorial

Do you want to start an online course for free but you don’t know where to start?

Creating an online course requires a lot of work, from planning, researching to marketing, and it can be overwhelming for beginner course creators.

There is a lot of information and guides online on how to create an online course for free, which is really helpful for every aspiring course creator.

In this online course create guide and how to create an online course for free, I guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a phenomenal course so you can save yourself from headache of researching the best process of creating an online course.

In knowing how to create an online course for free, choosing the correct niche is one the most important steps on your way to building a successful online course and you have to get it right. To be able to build an online course that makes passive income, think about a online course topic or idea you have solid knowledge about.

Generally it is more effective and you’ll get better adoption of your online courses if you focus on a specific result for a specific niche. Broad general topics don’t tend to perform well outside the university setting.

Depending on your reason for making a course this will differ. If you want to share something you know about you simply select what it is you want others to know and share your topic. If you want to sell the course and make money then often more research has to be done on the customer before you select your topic.

In creating your online course, you should choose what platform that will work for you best.

Check my other online course creation tutorials to see what platform to use to host your online course.

After a niche is chosen, time for content creating comes. In starting an online course, the type of content you choose should be based on your audience analysis. Find out who your customers are and what kind of content will be the most suitable for them.

Hopefully, these steps give you a good idea of what to expect from the journey of creating and marketing online courses. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below!

By watching this step-by-step guide of how to create an online course, you can now build the course of your dreams and start earning from it. Make sure to watch this How to Build an Online Course for free and start building your online course now!

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      Comment below with your membership building questions… and if you have other free tools for membership sites comment!

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      Hi newbie here!! I am creating an online course via PowerPoint, just need a platform to host it on, will this work with PP??

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      Thank you so much sir! I’m a 16 year old building a online music school!!

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      I have a question- what’s ideal cost free method for actually building an online course? I’ve seen udemy and others, but I imagine that I can do it without paying a continual percentage of my earnings to them..

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      Sir it an awesome video! I can now easily start my digital course for free .Thank you very much for your helpful tips and techniques. I wanted to know that how can we lock our file in WordPress. Can you help me out in this situation ????

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      Hi How about using convertkit instead of mail chimp?

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      Heyy !! I want to start online classes. My video can be upto 30minutes. And that can be watched by only paid users (Pay the fee i.e. 2$). What I've do that type of lectures.

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      Can I do this with my phone ? Without a laptop ? I mean I want to create a course for mobile phone users

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      Ok. I have a website. My own domain. Through godaddy. I also use convertkit. There’s a form on my site where people can download my free ebook. I’m working on courses and wanting to sell them through my site. Any advice?

    • Karen McMillan

      Does any option protect folks from sharing their course access with friends?

    • Karen McMillan

      Good ideas for duct tape business. One tweak, you cannot use Vimeo free or Plus plans for business. If they catch you they will shut you down. I learned the hard way.

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      Great video on how to sell your online course

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      All I need is a website to host it on.

      Basically, I need google sites and link it to google drive?

      I already have clickfunnels and an email software


      Im going to do this but everyone says I need to purchase a domain and a hosting site? Any help i appreciate. New to this.

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      Hi Nice video, good explanation. Just curious to know how did u create this particular video and using what tools. Thanks in advance for yr reply. if you can give light on creating such videos and things to follow.

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      Hi Jason, great video, thanks. I'm NOT a PayPal fan so I'll look into WaveApps – looks like the solution I'm looking for. Have you done a video on setting up an online course using a WordPress plugin? Thanks again. 🙂

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