Easily Learn how to create an online course website with WordPress (No Experience Needed)
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In this video, ill show you step by step on how to make an online an course website where you can create your own online courses and easily sell them on your website. The great part is, you dont need to know any coding and we use a drag and drop builder called divi. We also use a plugin called Literlms to create our online courses. Its super easy. The plugin is drag and drop and you can easily just put whatever text or images you want in your online courses! If you have ever wanted to sell your own online courses with WordPress, than in this video ill show you how to do it step by step!

Here are some links that i mentioned in the video:

Get LifterLMS Plugin : https://www.darrelwilson.com/lifterlms (use code WILSON)

Timestamps For This WordPress Online Course Tutorial:

21:00 creating pages
22:20 Creating A Menu
24:40 download free template
28:29 Importing Free Divi Theme template
33:30 creating about us
34:50 creating contact us page
36:30 theme builder template
42:48 installing the online course plugin
45:00 literlms wizard settings
46:40 course outline overview
47:00 course outline settings
49:00 access plans (important)
54:40 featured image course page
55:00 course builder overview
1:11:23 memberhsips
1:14:40 engagements
1:14:50 certificates
1:17:50 how people enroll in the courses
1:19:20 adding course pages to the menu
1:21:47 customzing the dashboard
1:23:10 accepting credit cards
1:28:28 stripe integration
1:31:25 refunds

I hope this video was helpful, if i missed something or if I wasn’t clear, please feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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    • Darrel Wilson

      Hey party people, if you have always want to sell your own online courses where you get 100% of the profits, in this video I’ll show you how to do it step-by-step! You’ll have your own online course website up in about one hour! Make sure to like this video and let me know in the comments below how I did or if there was something that I missed.

    • Suno Humse!

      video is nice.. but idea is giving dimnishing returns..

    • baha bouali

      This is the best WordPress tutorial i ve ever seen

    • The Famous Channel

      How much all of this will cost?

    • The Dumas Group

      Confused by new tutorial How to Create an LMS Educational Website like UCLA with WordPress & Moodle 2020 – Moodle Tutorial. How do the two correlate?

    • Stelios Choustoulakis

      I knowm dumb question but I am complete beginner: All of this is for wordpress com or org? Thanks!


      Hey party bro Your video is just fab huge thanks from India

    • Sartara Williams

      the prices for the siteground web hosting are higher than the prices in your video

    • Ignacio Britos

      the only way for adding a payment option is to buy a bundle ?

    • InLove TheReal

      Sir, if i want to show the enrolled courses in another menu.. so how can i show that… Please guide me for the same…

    • Eric el Nomada

      You're the best.

    • Naveen Rebalisam

      Hai bro this is Naveenkumar
      Please create one video students exam conduct website.
      Thank you

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