Learn how to create and online course website using WordPress in this video series. You will feel great simply by taking action right now…

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In this video, I introduce to you my new how to create an online course website video series for 2017.

This new process is better in every way, from my 2016 version. Everything is completely custom and you can truly make any design you desire.

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    29 replies to "How To Create An Online Course Website With WordPress"

    • Atef Awad

      Dear Adam, Thanks for your valuable information. my question is: is Learn press plugin working with Jannah Themes and how? Thanks in advance

    • TerpMorgan

      Wow so generous! Thank you!

    • Sanjay Makhija

      Hi Adam, this was the most easily explained tutorial ever, your training was so easy, now I feel a lot more at ease with elementor. Thank you


      Thanks you.

    • Turyagyenda Martin

      you need to get arrested I have just wasted 25 mins of my life

    • For the better

      the first 10 minutes wasted my time. 10:00 thank me later

    • Leena Swamy

      Hi Adam, Loved your vedio. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. It is very impressive. I want to create my own online training course for Data Science. My certification of Data Science is almost going to get over and hence thought of learning to create it before completion of my certificate. I know how to create webpage in wordpress but not a good professional webpage.

    • Matthew Furman

      Sooooo appreciate you

    • Stine Grytøyr

      Hi thank you so much for doing this. I'm in, Ive already learned a lot from other videos you had on making websites. I really enjoy your way of teaching. Im making an online course on how to become a private investigator with my father. I really hope nobody sees this yet and copies our idea, but I think fair to you to let you know since you asked

    • Chris Olberz

      I'm in I'mgoing to do a Emotional Inteligence course. Biggest struggle is to do quizz type personality tests

    • Julie Judson

      I'm in Adam. Thank you for your very precise tutorials. It has given me the confidence to do my own Chicken Keeping courses online. Yay

    • C-Dub

      Let's do this…I'm in! I teach Crisis Negotiations and my goal is to create an online training environment for this.

    • Glynne Williams

      Hi, Ive been shrugging to organise content using a WordPress website. My aim is to produce an online English teaching program targeting the Chinese market.

    • Bam Electronics

      Is this tutorial works in 2019? What would be the best tools to use in creating paid online course?

    • Sam C

      I am in and ready to build self confidence courses 💜

    • Marcus Darcus

      I'm in, and its all about Darby Empowerment to help young people and staff who work with young people to become more knowledgeable

    • Daniel Tan

      I'm in! Where to start the course with you now in 2019? Soon to be 2020, just 7 days to go before it hits year 2020

    • Tracy Parente Life Coach

      You're amazing. How can i pay you to teach me one on one? You're amazing! I have 2 companies and a Ministry. Thank you!!
      Tracy Parente,
      I have 3 websites that are already hosted!

    • Mehrdad Rastgarian

      I'm in.
      This is not the first video of these series that I've watched and by now I have learned so much of your videos. You have helped me a lot and I can confidently say that even though I have learned many things from many people, but no one has ever helped me more than you in this subject: Making my online course website.
      You have helped me gain the confidence I need about technical issues and everything I need to become my own website master and focus on creating the contents and enjoy my teaching experience.
      I'm going to run my website that focuses on learning how to learn and uses Astronomy and Astrophysics as the main subject of learning the learning process.

      I really appreciate your help.
      Thank you so much

    • Cyrus Colorado

      Thank you so much 🙂 Great Help !! Possible to make a tutorial for Tutor LMS Pro + Edumax Theme – together in WP, with WP Page Builder Pro… Please 🙂

    • Selma Aleb

      You're great person..thanks for your efforts realy helpful

    • bunmi adebola

      Thank you so much! i'm jumping right in. God bless you!

    • Elisha Mabunda

      Yes I am in. My biggest challenge is to build a landing page for an LMS and how to collect payment for my courses


      I want to create a wordpress website for my school where each student can see their quarterly report card through login system uploaded by admin. Username and password are provided by the admin and there should be no registration or sign up option, just login and forgot password. Each student can see their respective reports only. Can you guide me? Please

    • RadiantRadical

      I am totally in!! I will create health and nutrition courses.

    • Dino Rossi

      See, I want to make a page that looks like a THRIVE blog. Nice and clean and monetized and not like a WIX site. Astra to me looks like a WIX site. That is it.

    • Dennis Dunleavy

      i want to sell wordpress learning courses. where can i get courses that i don't have to create but can maybe be an affiliate for or just use courses from youtube that i can sell?

    • Cheryl Waters

      Thank you for being so giving! It will come back to you.

    • Cheryl Waters

      You're awesome.

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