Get your optimizepress‘ copy here:
Check my guru-style squeeze page here:
Download the BG image plugin here:

    28 replies to "How To Create Guru-Style Squeeze Pages w/ Optimizepress"

    • William Stark

      your links don't work buddy

    • carlton jackson

      great video man i will be looking for some more of your things stay strong.

    • Bobby Petrovic

      Hey Lenin, can u please help me…heres my situation. Something that I need to explain briefly to understand. I dont really know how to explain this…how can I add squeeze page inside my "next step" button for example to b live? so when someone clicks on the button, they can b directed  to the squeeze page  directly online. What in other words, do I have to do so someone can see my squeeze page link live–once they have clicked on that button 1st? So how I do that when I embed it in the button, so people can see that sales page live on their end? u knw what i mean. Is there some hosting URL address of the squeeze page  that I paste in the button ?–but how can this be a viewable squeeze page to the public for them to see inside the button once clicked on? 

    • Anthony

      Awesome lessons there Lenin. You sure gave extra value.Thanks for posting this video.

    • Jose Garcia

      Great Video! Thank you for sharing this information on how to create this pages! I learned a lot ! Thanks again…. 

    • Kylie Menz

      Hi Lenin, Great video and thanks for sharing.  I downloaded the plugin for fullscreen images, but it seems to change my whole theme not just for one optin page?  Can you use a fullscreen image just for the optin page you are creating?

    • Rodney Daniely

      Great Stuff, Lenin!!  This means I can keep my OP after all!!  Lol

    • Eva Zaher

      Thank you, Lenin. As ALWAYS – it's a top video – no frustration to follow even for non-techy people!

    • Stuart Campbell

      PLEASE PLEASE Do one with OP 2.0 trying my ass of to do this with 2.0 but no luck!

    • Wholesale Traffic

      Thanks buddy. I use Optimize Press too!

    • Chris Ortiz QuieroQueSeasLibre

      Thank you man!

    • Michael Smyth

      Yes Camtasia I've just downloaded Version 2.5 for Mac – they have a Facebook group as well, which is a useful related resource

    • Michael Smyth

      Excellent coaching Lenin!

    • Lenin Govea

      My pleasure 🙂

    • Felipe Garcia

      This is going to save me so much time and money. Muchas gracias for posting.

    • Ryan Maynard

      cool, thanks man!

    • Lenin Govea

      Hey, Camtasia for Mac

    • Ryan Maynard

      Hey Lenin what screen capture software are you using?

    • Mike Smith

      thank you for the vid ! It was great and lots of good learning please share the info that you can with us all! HAPPY TRAILS!

    • Daniel Doyle

      Great video mate

    • Lenin Govea

      Glad you like it 😉

    • Jets Fifita

      Your tutorial beats the rest out there!
      Thankyou my friend, if i had'nt purchased Opnmize, i would purchased through you!

    • Lenin Govea

      Un placer, Felix

    • Felix Castro

      Thanks for the full screen plugin Lenin. Hace mucho que estaba buscando algo k funccione con OptimizePress para cambiar el background!

    • Brittany Salsberry

      Great video! Great personality!

    • Manie Amari

      Hey Lenin, this is a great tutorial. Love it. I use OP in my business and I've always just used the basic templates generated.

      Thanks again.


    • Beatrice Brown

      Always wanted to learn how to use the optimizepress, I have it , and have never been able to use or understand it… now I do , thanks Lenin, a very informative video.. going to work on optimize now … Thanks for sharing

    • Isaiah Jackson

      Awesome stuff Lenin. Thanks for sharing this.

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