How to create landing pages with optimize press
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A step by step guide and tutorial —you will learn how to create a landing page for your books, webinar announcement and registrations, and for your home page on your site to show case your books.
Getting a developer to create a landing page for you could cost between $60 to $200 and you’d require to pay each time you make changes. Also each time you need to take another landing page you’d have to pay more.
If you sue you’d also need to pay a monthly fee.
Why not learn once on how to create your landing page and you can repeatedly use this skill for years to come for less than $100 you pay once.
Also, you can use it when you announce sales, or giveaways , or thank you landing pages. YOU can collect email subscribers with their opt in boxes, and everything is customizable, even their templates. And they have free and paid templates for you to choose from. The editor is drop and rag and is easy to use.
In this presentation I show you how to:
1. Create a landing page using the free template
2. How to make changes once you have made a page for your book—you may bee dot add books etc, and you’d need to make changes to the landing page you have created
3. Using the Amazon Universal link –using
4. How to create and use the Universal Book Link for other e-retailers in your landing page for global reach
5. And create a navigation bar at the bottom only—the upside down page –to reduce visitors clicking away on your site before they get the chance to look at your array of books, or opt in for your free books.

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