How To Create One Page Navigation Anchor Menu In this tutorial on the visualmodo knowledge base, we will show how to create a One-Page Site using our WordPress Theme in a simple and easy way and how to organize it with our themes.

    23 replies to "How To Create One Page Navigation With Anchor Menu In WordPress"

    • Cozy Cream

      what the name of the themes ?

    • Konstantina Georgogianni

      Do I have to use page builder for this?

    • David Anthony Batten

      Huh…..this is meant to be a tutorial not soft musci!!!!!! Get off!!!

    • Liyakatali Notiyar

      Not Described as details. Not helpful.

    • Campos P

      Cool video, thanks

    • Target Point Digital

      My menu doesn't indicate the anchor placeholder

    • Wisconsin Websites LLC

      Wonderful video. Very generous of you to share this information. Thanks.

    • Porter Wallace

      your music about put me to sleep…good tutorial though ­čÖé

    • Agustin Juarez

      You sir are a genius, no talk so no difficult to understand, the same workflow as we use to build WP pages, simply genius! I get the idea before the video finished. You gained a new subscribre! Thanks a lot

    • Frinko

      the music kills me… i would prefer if you talk

    • Eddi Nice

      I only see Custom Link next to my main page, the rest of the menu displays 'page' please help.

    • HyperSleepyFox

      THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO~its perfect !!
      unfortunately, at appearance>>menu>>custom link.. there's no anchor box for me to fill in… i'm using WP bakery too.
      any other solution …

    • Joshua Michael

      Thank you for the tutorial! What music is this? hehe

    • Reza

      I am so grateful to you sir. Your video is very helpul

    • Dheraj jolla

      how you can WP bakery page builder make. what's plugin name?

    • Immy Yousafzai

      I was searching for this for a while. Watched a few other videos. This does the job. So the trick is to setup Anchors. Thanks

    • Rahul Kumar Singh

      How you have made that animated signature can you please explain us ?

    • XYZ

      ya nice but ur anchor link dont have active color i googled a long time didnt found any solution for it

    • Chukwuemeka Ibeanu

      how do i get double row slide??

    • Faizan Shaikh

      i didn't find anchor text column in menu, can you help me with that pls ?

    • Sarah Alvers

      Excellent guide!

    • Brenno Somoni

      Nice guide for one-page anchor site-building.

    • Thomas Lion

      Great navigation style and one-page anchor guide for WordPress

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