Use WordPress Redirects for 3 things: 1. When I change urls within your website. 2. Redirect old urls to new. 3. When I want to create short urls so people can access the website easier. In this video I show you step by step how to use the free plugin called Redirection to redirect any url within your website to another url within or outside of your website.

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    • Hirusha Deshan

      Thanks, Ferdy. You are amazing.

    • כלב כלבבי

      Hello dear friends I have a question what to do first

      Transfer the domain to the new site and then do the process of the 301 referrals? As indicated in the video

    • sdwhitesox

      The Redirection plugin can actually cause problems when creating new pages – In my experience, it monitors permalink changes and creates records that it doesn't need to, and associates new pages with old URLs. If you're having this issue, just deactivate the plugin!

    • DieterV3

      Strangely enough, the plugin doesn't work with 404 errors. The 404 error page always appears, but not the forwarded page entered. Junk plugin!

    • clint malcome

      this worked amazing, thanks!!

    • Bradford VTS

      Is there a plugin which you can install which simply monitors any webpage that you decide to change the name or URL of and AUTOMATICALLY just create a redirect from the old URL? I love automation but the demonstration does not show automation. Is this possible – Ferdy or anyone?

    • T MK

      Thank you very much Ferdy

    • Noha Mostafa

      Thank you Ferdy. Great video. Would using this app cause clash with Rank Math?

    • Black Jack Magic TV

      Thank you buddy you have save my life. I did download it been looking for the right tutorial and nearly gave up till came to you. Your explanation is so cool and actually you even explain more what I did not know. Bless from south Africa

    • Gerson Santos

      evit block facebook ads ?

    • vineetdhiman79

      Hi Ferdy Korpershoek, High five 🙂
      I have created a new website and when I check the website on GT Matrix. I am getting Red Mark on "Avoid landing page redirects for the following chain of redirected URLs."
      My website is on WordPress and hosting with namecheap. I have contacted namecheap for this issue, but they are not helping. I have searched about this problem, but not getting the fix. Please help me if you know how to fix it.

    • Martin Hamilton

      I've always wondered why people use the Pretty Links plugin instead of this one. I like this one better. Anyone know the advantage of using the free version of Pretty Links vs Redirection for affiliate links? Cloaking is available with Pretty Links paid version but lets talk about the free version.

    • Mike Brown

      It seems like this only works for me sometimes. I'm trying to redirect this traffic to an event on eventbrite and it keeps show up as the Index of /events. Also it seems like /events never works. And /Events works sometimes or I go to the Index page. Any idea why this is happening?

    • CooperAitken Accountants

      Great tips thanks!

    • Jason Storey

      “Fixing” a problem with a plug-in is not fixing the problem.

    • sunny ohagwa

      Nice one, you are always coming up with great contents

      Please make a video about how one can create a sales funnel using elementor and also teachable alternative, I mean how one can create a website to sell his courses

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