How to Create Your First Kdenlive Video Project!

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    10 replies to "How To Create Your First Project | Kdenlive Tutorial EP929"

    • Geekoutdoors
    • mae chia

      4:58 so does AUTOMATIC TRANSITION work for you or not?

      you sound very confusing here.
      its sounds like you saying it doesn't work, but its default
      so leave it there….

    • Victortuno

      Many thanks, good video for starters ^^

    • databaseexpert

      What is your screen capture to video program for Linux?

    • Aimee Bloodworth

      Thanks so much for recording these tutorials! I'm going to move from Premiere Pro (too $$!) to Kdenlive after watching this

    • gerald cragg

      Hello…!!! WHAT – learn something new 🙂
      I've just installed Linux mint 18.3 KDE ( liking it 🙂 ),. I'm going to try and upgrade to 19,
      See you soon 👍💪

    • Johnny test

      I just now downloaded kdenlive

    • KeepItTechie

      Great video as usual!! Thanks man!!👍

    • Marc Scott

      Hi bro I just want to say thanks you helped me edit my two recent videos that have done decently well from your openshot series much love no homo

    • Abdallah Tarek

      I watch your kdenlive video from my smartphone so please
      Make a kdenlive videos again and make zooming about what you teach
      My notebook screen is small

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