How To Downgrade WordPress To Earlier Version –

If you have updated your wordpress to the latest version and found that your theme and/or plugins are now causing your site nothing but problems, then you can easily downgrade your wordpress to an earlier release version.

This video shows you step by step how to take your website from a new version of wordpress back to the previous version (and earlier if that is your fancy).

I created this video to help those OptimizePress 2 users who found wordpress 3.6 killed their functionality of their theme and plugin. Using the above method for your website can step back from these issues until theme and plugin designers have the chance to upgrade for compatibility reasons.

You can find out more on Optimize Press 2 and what it does at

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    19 replies to "How To Downgrade WordPress To Earlier Version – OptimizePress 2 Help"

    • Prince Dangilan

      Thanks! the 4.5.1 update just wrecked a lot of sites. They need to fix this fast 😐

    • Ajay Chauhan

      It worked! Thank you so much! Saved my website!

    • Jason Charitakis

      Brilliant! Thanks a bunch!

    • Nerd Much

      Here for the same reason. 4.5 is a miserable mess and broke our site. Downgrading right now. You rock, man!

    • Marlon Simons

      Thank you so much! I had some issues after upgrade WP to 4.5 and you saved my life!

    • Shalue Bharj

      Thank you so much for the video and information.
      Here's hoping it works!

    • Eden Web Studio


      WordPress 4.5 has ruined my site too

    • Michelle O'Sullivan

      Oh my god, thank you. You just saved me SO much time & angst. Thank you so much!

    • Phuc-An Tran

      Thanks for sharing this knowledge. I just downgraded from 4.5 back to 4.4.2 because my Visual Composer didn't work with 4.5. Great video.

    • Shaun Retief

      Shot dude. Simple and to the point. Much appreciated.

    • Sueli Vieira

      This is a life saver after the recent 4.5 upgrade that broke a few sites!

    • Diem Huong Vu

      Thank you so much!!!!

    • Urban Strength Institute

      Holy shit. Updated wordpress to 4.5 last night and found out this morning my website format was jacked up because my theme is no longer supported. Used your tutorial and fixed it and I know nothing about computers. Used Transmit and followed your directions and my website is fixed. You are the man. Thanks a lot for making this video Andrew.

    • Roy Berrevoets

      Thank you very much, helped me out!

    • Gorilla Marketing

      I'm just going to reiterate what has been said here – but you are an angel. You just saved a website and my arse. Thanks mate

    • John Counsel

      Thanks, Andrew… I'd read this on the documentation but this takes all the doubt and uncertainty out of the process. Thanks for the HD format, too — very helpful.

    • Simply Social Media

      Awesome Vid, just got me out of a tight spot

    • Arnav Malviya

      Thanks Andrew!! That was really helpful..
      My website is up again 🙂

    • Yoda03

      Howly bejeeses. Thanks! This saved me a lot of problems. WP4.5 has been a pain in my ass, happy to be able to get the site back on 4.4.2. This vid worked perfectly!

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