How to downgrade wordpress version to a older version of wordpress by using few simple steps.

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    • Gregory Pommerol

      Brilliant, thank you. very clear.

    • SIMCOMotorsportsTV

      Thanks for this…I don't like the blog post format in WordPress 5.0, the "kitchen sink" in the post is moved to the 3-dot drop-down. I wanted to go back to the 4.9.9 version that was easier to use.

    • Watch Movies Online Free

      thanks for sharing

    • Yashwanth Krishna

      Thank you so much sir, its helpful video

    • Dan Eke

      Very helpful.

      I just upgraded my wordpress only to discover that I no longer have access to the page builder that came with the theme. I can't work (effectively) without it.

      I have to go and downgrade now.

      Thank you.

    • bojana nikolic

      Thank you sooooo Much This was so usefull! People please don't update wordpress version in 2019 its horrible!

    • Lak Shan

      Its working, thanks

    • Francis Lee

      Thank you so much! You are a life saver!

    • Pranks In India

      Amazing Sir

    • Alisa Fodorov

      thank you so much,
      it would be nice to mention that you have to backup your website before downgrading

    • Gordon Mitchell

      Excellent instructions thank you. Can you please tell me about the automatic security update that is in blue writing? I don't want it to update automatically. Thanks.

    • Sherin Ehab

      Thanks so much. it worked

    • Anand Jha

      Such A Very Helpful Video Thank You Soo Much..

    • Juan Joya

      thank you, it worked

    • Jan Böttner

      i cant find the plugin


      Thanks for this useful tutorial. Blessings

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