Using the Elementor page builder plugin with the free Popup Maker plugin, hooked up to your email marketing service with Zapier.


How to Easily Create Opt-In Landing Pages in WordPress: No Developer or Paid Subscription Service

(Scroll down for the links to resources I use in the video)

Landing pages are uniquely designed, standalone pages with the sole purpose of converting visitors. They’re used for things like lead generation, event registrations, email sign-ups and broader sales funnels.

As a designer, you’re more than capable of designing pages like these yourself.

But to build them and make them live quickly…

That either takes a web developer (who’ll do it when he/she is free next), or a paid monthly subscription service (like LeadPages, Instapage or ClickFunnels). Right?


YOU can build landing pages like these yourself in no time… and roll them out again and again, on multiple projects. Even as a non-coder designer.

No need for a developer. And no need to pay for a monthly subscription.


GeneratePress theme:

Elementor page builder:

Popup Maker plugin:


Chris Moore’s tutorial on connecting an Elementor form to your email provider:

Drip Email Marketing – the best email marketing tool I’ve ever used.

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    • daniel Dantes

      I like this video. My problem with it is that you specified "No Developer or Paid Subscription Service Required" on your video. Yet, not only did you use pro-only options, but the amount of time you use talking about pro-version could drastically save a minute or two off from this video. Great video!

    • local jam Kaulana

      Thank you very informative and easy to understand.

    • Glow Beauty & Lifestyle

      Thank you for sharing such great information! It's very overwhelming starting off and this video series is straightforward and loaded with valuable information. Thanks again!!

    • Nikhil Masand

      Thank you Dave!

    • Preitty Prive

      i just created my landing page Thankyou So Much

    • Vicki Crawford

      Brilliant thank you so much

    • DIY DAY

      Thanks a lot Dave for this video! It’s gold for begginers!

    • Marvin Glover

      Your video is good. Your referral to Chris Moore… Not so good. I'm looking to connect Elementor form to my Mailchimp instruction video and the link you provided, sent me down a rabbit hole. Can I get my time wasted back? No, so do us a favor and make the video yourself.

    • Donna Harper

      Great video. Very helpful. Thank you.

    • Reno Fu

      Excellent stuff, That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you so much! I have one part confusion. I'm building a landing page using elementor and maichimp embedded form in both free version. After click the submit button, I want to close the landing page and redirect to a sales page, but I don't know how to do. Thank you!

    • Sweat and Tears

      Thanks for your video, I'm excited about getting started!

    • CSS Hero

      Hi Dave, we'd like to get in touch with you… Sorry for dropping here but I cannot find any other reaching form.
      This is our mail address: info at csshero ot org:
      Thanks for your time.

    • Niranjan Br

      Awesome…..I have subscribed 👍

    • A M Tech Reviews

      Hi do you have any videos on free traffic methods or paid traffic?

    • Milan Patel

      Great video!! I am new to WordPress and just wanted to know if I am able to follow your steps in this video using a free version of WP. It seems as though I am unable to install any plugins unless I have paid for a business plan. Is this correct?

    • The Full Energy Channel

      I'm better of creating funnels using wordpress and elementor seeing as click funnels charge from $97 to $299 dollars, and another problem is your content is locked on their platform which for me is a worry in a long run should I decide to leave

    • Roja Royal

      How can add a form in elementer not in elementer pro

    • Online Marketing Strategies

      Good landing page tutorial. Thanks for this! Super helpful.

    • Apeal Tiwari

      what to choose starting theme ffccccccc'

    • azad hossain

      So Cute you are. we love you <3

    • F Mejias

      Wow this is the best teaching video I have ever seen, you were going on a very good pase, to many videos on YouTube rushes and not to clear. Kudos!!!

    • Rodolfo Espino

      how can I create a "survey Funnel" with WordPress?

    • steve Shamo

      Great, Clear and Effective.
      I urgently need a landing page that converts fast. Can you suggest a way out.

    • Joshua Centers

      So what’s the deal with WordPress asking to buy a 4$-25$ plus a month paid annually to use plugins? I’m confused. Do I still need to buy this first then get elementor?

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