How to Edit WordPress Code (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript)

💪 One of the most powerful features of a WordPress website is the ability to edit the WordPress source code. Learning how to edit HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP code in WordPress – using the WordPress code editor or 3rd party tools – is easier than you may think. This video we go over how to use the block editor, classic editor, widgets, CSS customizer, plugin, WordPress code editor, FTP AND your host = all to edit WordPress code!

⏱️ Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:33 Safety tips
00:55 Editing code with the Block Editor
01:42 Editing code with the Classic Editor
02:09 Editing code in widgets
02:40 Editing code with the CSS Customizer
03:50 Editing code with a plugin
05:12 Editing code with the WordPress code editor
06:30 Editing code with FTP
09:34 Editing code with your hosts file manager

👨‍💻 Additional resources:
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For using a VPN:
For adding a Child Theme:
For using a text editor:
A plugin for editing headers and footers:

Plugins for editing CSS:

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    • Waad Alharbi

      hi I have question I need to add the IF and the pass statement and I don't know how

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      Could someone explain more specifically why I would need a VPN?

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      Can we create the entire content of the site from a blank coding page?


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      Fx how to change color off the background in the ftp fil how to find the ret fil? ?

    • Katia M.

      Suscribed for seeing more “How to’s”

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      what i can do add plug in?

    • Elecom

      Hello i purchase on personal plan on wordpress but no option to edit code how can i do?

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    • Jonathan Doda

      Ugh, this is the best tutorial I've seen in ages. Quality audio and presentation. Concise, easy to follow and very well-paced. And TIMESTAMPS. I love you.


      Thank you I just crashed my wordpress website when I wanted to add dark mode code to the website please what can I do to restore it and how to add they code to the website

    • Karen Kefauver

      I'm obsessed with figuring out. how to make the Instagram social icon have the correct gradient… So .. I can't find the CSS code and when i do find it (if you guys have it) I don't understand which chunks of code go in which block.. arg.

    • vijay gupta

      How edit html in iphone

    • Shady Bahouth

      Clear, straightforward and to the point , thank you so much for sharing this

    • Gloria

      i use the block editor and every time i edit the block with correct HTML code it give me a error that the block is not valid. do you know why this could happen?

    • Joan Dzimwasha

      very helpful, thank you

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      useful. how to add google analytics to the website footer?

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      Hey happy holidays, this is wordpress .org, is it similar for wordpress .com ?

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