*UPDATE* “INstagram Feed” plugin is now called “Smash Ballon Social Photo Feed”.

Whats up guys! Ever wonder how to put your Instagram feed on your WordPress website to help grow your followers? Well wonder no more! Because in this video, I’ll show you exactly how and it only takes a couple minutes!

After you follow Steps 1 & 2, just click on a time stamp below to display your feed…

1. Using the WordPress editor 3:47
2. Using Elementor Page Builder 6:04
3. How to embed a single post/picture from Instagram 4:46


In case you need to start a website from scratch in just 10 min, watch this:


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    24 replies to "How to Embed an Instagram Feed on Your WordPress Website | And Get More Followers!"

    • sithum akalanka

      Thank you ❤️….

    • Manu Balasree

      Excellent video to the point SUBSCRIBED!

    • Johanna Christou

      How can I automatically update my Instagram shop with the items on my WordPress website? Any help would be greatly appreciated as it takes ages to add content and if you can do it only once then it saves a massive amount of time. Thank you

    • Tanuparna Sanyal

      When I click the follow me on instgram button or click insta images, it asks me to login. any solution? can you explain me why this happened?

    • Kimberly Sanders

      This was super helpful! Thank you Dale 🙂

    • Narissa Cindee

      Help… It's not showing on that drag widet

    • thatsBETSYV

      WAIT! But I don’t have Elementor- I have I don’t even know actually LOL. Help!

    • Charan Luharan Music

      this plugin is not available anymore. Has the name of the plugin changed ?

    • Kathie Wise

      Flippin’ fantastic 😱🤯🤩 Thank you for the step by step instructions!

    • Paulo Ferreira

      Fucking great video!!!!

    • Cynthia CPK Floral

      Thank you so much for the straightforward direction and friendly assistance. I was able to add my Instagram Feed to my website quickly and easily with your step by step instruction. I can’t wait to check out some more of your videos to see what else I can do! Thanks again!

    • A Greek in Norway

      I cant find this plugin.

    • Corey S

      Thanks allot for your breakdown. You are the man!!!!

    • 54 Minutes

      I'm blessed to know @Jet_hacker on instagram,he did a great job for me.

    • Alicia Gregory

      Hi! Is there a way to use this with wp bakery page builder?

    • Brenda King

      Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

    • Eric Rollins

      interesting but not helpful in my case.

    • Vamshi Ponnam

      Great video , I want to add new product to my website and immediately that product should post to my Instagram
      Is that possible on WordPress site ?

    • Achinike Amadi

      Awesome video,

      One question.. what's your toolkit for video production.. Editing softwares, mic, camera and set up?

      Would appreciate a rich feedback.

      -A fan of your work.

    • Narcolepsy Warrior

      Again, you save me time & money with your videos!! LOVE BTW: What theme are you using in this particular video?

    • Neeraj Singal

      I found another plugin called Taggbox widget ! Worked well for me

    • Tamara Andrić

      I have a website and I can't add an instagram link (image) to the text (in the midle e), I don't need a feed, but how can I solve this problem when I write text and I need an image from a profile?

    • Juana Ochoa Ruiz

      Hi, I am using HESTIA en WordPress and I tried the instructions but the feed doesn't appear. What can be happening?

    • Days of Du'Urden

      I love you!

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