Many businesses struggle to exceed user expectations, let alone disrupt their industry. With the advent of responsive design, these same businesses are faced with a tough reality when it comes to understanding and getting their website to convert across devices. In this guide, I walk you through some of the patterns I’ve documented over the past 5 years that have helped businesses rekindle that “startup” sense of urgency, and fearlessness. You’ll never look at another website the same again. – Nate McConnell

ABOUT FRONT END AUTHORITY: Front End Authority promotes the ongoing education of front end technologies. Part digital, part physical, we aim to bring like-minded pros and learners together to share knowledge, make connections, have some beers, and stay up to date on the constantly changing world of Front End Web Development.

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Planning Center ( Revolutionary Applications for your growing church. Planning Center hosted this event in their awesome space. Give them a shout on Twitter @planningcenter

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