How to Get Clients From Rural Areas using Facebook Ads | #AskDigitalPratik Show 004

Okay, so who is Digital Pratik & why the hell should you listen to him in 2020?

Digital Pratik is a 31 year old, smiling dude, co-founder at, India’s leading digital marketing & personal branding consultant, keynote speaker & a hard core social media practitioner. He can help you to be more effective with your branding & marketing strategy, optimise your workflows and get more done.

Digital Pratik is an awesome happy worker.

A 3 times proud college dropout from final year of engineering college who started with his first ever call center job as an undergraduate in 2010 for just Rs. 9700 per month!

——— yeah that’s a little about ME 😉

After working happily & hard achieved the position of customer service head for one of the call centers for UK process.

Meanwhile, as a side hustle was learning & applying seo, YouTube seo, blogging, email marketing, WordPress, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc !!!

Got my first ever digital marketing job as a digital marketing executive by end of 2014… It was Rs. 17000 per mo take away salary.

In 2015, got my digital marketing trainer job & got awarded as the awesome trainer by the working professionals themselves!

Meanwhile was putting out free content on youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, blog, Quora, Pinterest, Social bookmarking websites etc & building my brand & managing freelancing projects too!

Started consuming Garyvee in 2015!

Left that job & Came back for my parents again in 2016 & thought of doing the client work full time! Made a lot more than that previous job but couldn’t manage my quality & i took that L on me. 100% accountability.

Till this point in time, there was no Digital Pratik!

It was always Pratiksinh Chudasama or lovepratiksinh or iphonepreneur or pratiksinhisawesome & all such kinda fancy entrepreneurial terms at times which made me feel guilty at times when i was alone. Coz, i was not 100% giving away my content for free. I was always expecting from my audience!

Now I was almost 27 years old. No job. Not able to manage client work. Was in financial crisis again! Had to take care of my parents. And always listening to Garyvee! So took a step back & started looking for a digital marketing job again!

Got an opportunity as the Product Manager for an institute in Delhi & again gave my best & again started my personal work as a side hustle & this time I got my domain digitalpratik & changed all my plarforms handles to digitalpratik & this time I had a totally different mindset & capabilities!

Finally in July 2018: left my position as the Product Manager & went all in for Digital Pratik !!!

And here I am in 2019 as a bluetick verified valuable digital marketer on Instagram & Facebook !!!

Okay hold on, instead of reading all this, watch my JOSH TALK:

About me & My work in the form of a few important links:

Host of #1 Podcast on Apple Podcast & Spotify for the term “digital marketing”
1.) 6 Hours MEGA VLOG:

2.) Verified Instagram: where i am treated as a popular social media content creator.

3.) My YouTube Channel:…

4.) My daily podcast show which is available on 10+ platforms: & #1 in Apple Podcast & Spotify for Digital Marketing

5.) Verified Facebook: Visit this link: & it will open up in your Facebook Messenger.

6.) Verified TikTok:

7.) Professional talks on Linkedin:

8.) 6 Hours Mega Vlog on Digital Marketing, Personal Branding & Motivation:

9.) 100+ million views on my Giphy account

10.) If you want to start learning Digital Marketing, visit:

11.) Gujju Digital Pratik on TikTok:

12.) Digital Pratik Consulting:

13.) Micro blogging on Twitter:

14.) At times Snapping on:

15.) 83 Minutes of Advice For People Building Personal Brand in 2020 – TimesPro India Keynote [Nov 2019]:

16:) Ahmedabad University Keynote [2019]:

17.) Delhi Skill Circle Keynote [2019]:

How to Get Clients From Rural Areas using Facebook Ads | #AskDigitalPratik Show 004

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    • Digital Pratik

      GUYS THERE WAS A TECHNICAL GLITCH TILL 1:55 …. Then everything is GOOD 🙂 Set a reminder for the next live here:

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    • J Raj

      Great Value 👏 and I am also from Ahmedabad 😁

    • Nirlesh Karani

      10.) If you want to start learning Digital Marketing, visit: not working sir need to learn from you facebook ads which course I had started and now cant log i n

    • Mohan Harpal

      Wow ,thank you soo much sir .
      I can't Express…
      Really so much valuable.
      Jst i have finished your course on Digital pratim university…

    • Jadubaba _Tech
    • Jaydip Ramani

      Thanks sir.

    • Sujauddin Molla

      hi, pratik sir
      please make a video , how to make chatbot…..

    • spicy anil

      what a valuable content you have provided
      hats off sir

    • spicy anil

      hey Pratik sir
      A big thank to u

    • Latest Technical Education

      Bhai video full fast forward me chal Rahi hai


      In whick stock to invest money….

    • Devendra Singh

      Oh it happened earlier…. Ok it's ok now

    • Devendra Singh

      The video speed is too much and the sound is not at all clear

    • Devendra Singh

      Sir the video is not uploaded properly. There's an issue

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