I use OptimizePress for all of my landing pages and sales pages at the Blog Marketing Academy. I wanted to show you exactly how it works. I know the Live Editor can be a little daunting at the beginning. It comes with a learning curve. But, once you get the basic setup (“the grid”), then you can begin to use the Live Editor and really set up some gorgeous landing pages on your WordPress site.

In this video, I show you how the Live Editor works. I also take you into some of my own landing pages and how they have been built using the OptimizePress Live Editor.

This video is Part 1 of 2.

To learn more about OptimizePress, go to:

    6 replies to "How To Get Started With The OptimizePress Live Editor (Part 1)"


      How to put custome HTML you don't explain how you did it

    • Vakies Films

      Thanks. Your explanation is so much clearer than the tutorial from OptimizePress.

    • Starfury Flames

      appreciate this. =)

    • Mel Classique

      Xclent thanks David. A question about creating a JV Invite & tools Page – Optimizepress doesn't seem to have a specific JV Page template, I would like to hear back from you as to how you create one & would it start with a Blank Page? Regards – Mel
      My direct email is – mel.classique@xtra.co.nz

    • Louis Di Bianco

      Thanks, David. It's refreshing to watch a tutorial that simplifies and clarifies things the way this one does.

    • Sergio Felix

      Fantastic video David, it definitely helped me a lot man, thanks!

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