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    • Csaba Pathó

      Hi guys! I would like to place the Google Conversion snippet to my "order-received" page. The problem is that on the page list I can find only the checkout page. I do not have a custom thank you page only the classic WordPress order received page.
      I am not sure about the thing, when I leave the snippet on the checkout page it will count all the checkout page visitors,, but there they only fill out the fields for the order and they must click to pay button.

      Is it the right way to setup the Google Conversion tag ?

    • Made for Math

      Seriously. Just like everyone else, I spent WEEKS following tutorials that would get me close but ultimately didn't work. Nick, thank you so much.

    • Ana De la Barrera

      Da muy buenos resultados, esto mismo aprendí en un curso de google ads que tome con Elias Sandoval

    • Kulpreet Singh

      Thanks Nick

    • Dr. Kenneth Grossman

      Great job young man!

    • Call4Gadgets

      that was EXACTLY what i need. GREAT! no smush. no SUBSCRIBE NOW blaablabla. i wish whole youtube was like this, awesome!


      Great Video!! Saved me alot of time!!!

    • Oluwabemiga Owoeye

      4:31 seconds of No Bullshit, Super Direct, Straight to the point solution. The best on the internet.


      Wow I love what you did, just subscribe to your channel now…. I can have your other media name. Facebook Instagram Twitter I wanna chart you up there

    • Wicked Waiata

      You are a friggin genius … thank you so much! You've saved me so much time

    • J A

      hi can we use this plugin for wocommerce also? this is by far the easiest plugin.

    • la dolcezza

      Thanks bro!

    • Abhishek Shekhar

      Thank Buddy, it is very helpful for me ……

    • HZGaming4U

      Thank you very much my Friend! 🙂

    • Jake Farr

      You are awesome… you explained in a few minutes what I had been struggling with for hours. Thanks!

    • Berk Kalyoncu

      thank you very much for so detailed and short video

    • Tengiz Natsvlishvili

      Thanks for the video! Question – At 3:30 in page list, you can choose several pages or just one? I mean do I have to go through this process for every event (purchase, ATC, Initiate checkout etc) one by one, or I can do that all at once. Hope the question is clear.

    • Karen Hanretty

      What if you want to track actions taken on a page, like clicking on a call to action button?

    • Karen Hanretty

      Thank you for making this video. It's so helpful. Short, concise, the perfect tutorial.

    • Jessica Sive Yan Hing

      Perfect ! thank you for your help !

    • Savvy Emprendedores

      wish i had seen this video three years ago!

    • Martin Walker

      Been struggling for ages with conversions on multiple websites. Now everything is working great after watching this video and following your advice. You're a star! Stay Safe. Thanks soooo much. Martin

    • 김유림

      Hi your video is amazing. But can i know how to input the event snippet on a specific button, not in the page?

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