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Read the full post on How To Install The OptimizePress 2.0 Plugin On Your WordPress Website here –

What you’ll need:

1. Self-hosted WordPress website
2. OptimizePress 2.0 (buy from the link above)
3. API key (from your OptimizePress 2.0 members area)
4. Less than 3 minutes of your time

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    7 replies to "How To Install OptimizePress 2.0 In Under 3 minutes"

    • roberto marongiu

      you are GREAT

    • Allard Keeley

      I want to register with optimizepress (I have a free WP account) and google keeps sending me to the sign-in page rathe than the home page. How the heck do I register? My WP password and username do not work. Do I need a paid (premium) WP account????

    • Suraj Sodha

      Trey – have you activated the plugin first?

    • Trey Barden

      I'm extremely stressed about this because I have all of my .zip downloaded but i dont have the plugin tab on my wordpress. Know anything about my problem?

    • Suraj Sodha

      Andrew you can ask any question you have about this here and i'll answer you right here….

    • Andrew M

      What is your email? I have a question regarding this.

    • Suraj Sodha

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks – glad you liked the tutorial.

      Yes I used Canvas (WooThemes) for this particular tutorial but when you use the plugin version of OptimizePress 2.0 you basically create new pages with OP2 layouts on them. Any existing pages on current theme stay intact and are not effected at all.

      Does that make sense?

      If you buy OP2, I would appreciate it if you bought via my link! Thanks ­čÖé

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